Got time?

So I thought I had a fair amount of spare time this year. I found others, like the kid bouncing coins, who had more time than I, but today I saw dozens of people who have way more time than I will ever dream of wasting!

Don’t get me wrong! I love this stuff and wish I could do it too! In fact I wish I just had the patience to learn to do this kind of manipulation. I spend most of my time thinking of new magic ideas and ways to make money doing what I love.

Today was another day of house fixing as I had a deadline to be ready for the professional dry wallers. Remember I said I hated dry walling and was going to hire a professional? Well even the professional said it was going to be a handful! I had to strip the rooms corners and joints first and while I was at it I fixed the sliding window by making a new frame for one and replacing the running track for the entire opening. This may not sound hard but these are not store bought windows. These windows were built just for the house and are hand made. Even the running track was an odd size and I had to mill the piece of wood myself!

I also finally got around to removing the chimney pipe today. I removed the fireplace the week after my house was hit by a car. That was almost five years ago I believe! I always said I would get rid of the pipe but never found the energy. I still don;t have the energy but the dry wall guys are going to fix the wall next to the pipe and I don’t want to hurt it after it has been fixed!

I now have a huge hole in my roof and all day tomorrow I will try to patch the hole and fix the ceiling too. I have a master plan to patch the roof with roof cement, a sheet of aluminum, a couple of pieces of wood and a bunch of asphalt tiles! I bet right now as you are reading this all you can think is ” geez I wish I was Shawn!”. OK , maybe not!

The final finesse’s are being added to the new illusion and I think it will be a huge hit for both magicians and lay folks. I added a great little touch that would even fool me! I am still in search of the perfect music and hope to find it soon.

Did I mention I had surgery on Monday? I am actually moving much slower than normal for fear of ripping my stitches. It was supposed to be a pretty standard little procedure where they were removing a small lump from my chest. The Doctor said he was certain it was “nothing to concern myself with” and that it was probably just a sebaceous cyst. Well he numbed the area with a local anesthetic, used a scalpel to make an incision and then discovered the small little lump wasn’t so small! If you have a strong stomach or need to see gross things you can click and see the lump removed and the final results. If you did take a look you should know the small red dot on the left was the object we intended to remove! The one on the right was the surprise which has been sent off for a biopsies . Well enough about me and my failing body! I expect the results to be positive and I will live to see the wedding day of my dear Hannah. Which should be a long time from now as I’m not letting her date until she is forty-one!

“Next to being witty yourself, the best thing is to quote another’s wit.” Christian N. Bovee


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