Tomorrow just like yesterday ..

This staying at home thing is quite weird. I sure am spending a lot of money these days. Last week I bought a new mini Kub Zag illusion for $2800.00 and of course Murphy 13. Today I bid on an illusion for well over $14,000.00. You may recall I said in my last blog I would be happy to spend that kind of money on a prop … not on a vehicle.
Mini Kub Zag
You have got to love the lightening bolt in purple on the front! OK that’s the first thing to go but other than that it’s a nice color and the tubes are bright white which is far different than the metal tubes I have currently. OK, so you can tell I’m making excuses for buying stuff.

What’s next on the list. Well a new kitchen floor and some stain and paint for the exterior of the house. Boy does that sound like fun. I know some of you are already saying, “… but Shawn I love to paint …” well great get in your car, ship or plane and get your cute little fanny over here to paint! After the house looks a little prettier I plan to move to something a little bit more … well a little bit more!
My house …
This house and I are like good friends. We spend lots of time together but don’t really accomplish anything! It’s time to find a bigger house with a workshop that doesn’t have beams in the middle so a sheet of plywood has to be cut outside before bringing it to the shop.

In just a few days I leave for the Dominican Republic to shoot the TV show “Fins and Skins” for the TSN and FOX Sports networks. I have been practicing my golf a lot with lessons from my good friends Ray and Jo Ann Medway. I can actually hit the ball straight and about 175 yards with the number one wood and about 80 some yards off the ground with a nine iron. Don’t ask me about the seven iron … it’s possessed by the Devil … no really! For some reason when I hit with that club the ball flies pretty straight for about 40 yards and ten hooks wildly to the right and attacks anyone else on the course … wanna come golf with me!

This TV show should be a great lesson in humility. I have an ace up my sleeve though as the chief camera operator is my good friend Jim Thielemann! Jim and I worked together on the Norwegian Star where I had the pleasure of having him shoot my Shape of my Heart routine every show in the Stardust theatre. He’s got a great eye for filming magic and I’m sure he won’t make me look like a total “putz” when I have to golf and fish. Below is a picture of Jim and I on my final night with him. He had the girls in the spa make his hair look like mine … I didn’t know until he stuck his head out from behind the camera during the show!
Jim and Shawn (Jim matched my Hair style that night!)
So to close I thought I would help to promote a friends product. Any of you who have seen my close up show on the Star know how strong the effect is where I uncrush a Coke can. Well it comes from the fertile mind of Anders Moden and he is selling the real secrets behind this miracle in a new DVD. Check out the commercial …

Shawn X