February 9, London, England

Our drive was short and the returning of the rental van was very odd. We had barely pulled up to the rental office when the guy came out and told us not to unload the luggage. He would drive us in the van to the airport. How sweet. I took a picture of him and the van just in case we were giving the van to some clever guy who hung out close to the store waiting to steal cars from suckers like me!

Our flight was non eventful and we had no issues with the luggage. When we reached Heathrow our driver was waiting with sign in hand. We were staying in a different hotel than the first visit. This one was in the same area but was described as a “hip hotel”. It was outstanding and I would recommend the Hyde Park Premiere Hotel to anyone. It was a large room for London standards and the king size bed was nice! We didn’t get to spend much time in the room as we were out the door and on our way to see “Wicked”. Yup, we had seen it for the first time when we were in London a month ago and it only seemed fitting that we try to relive the feeling again!


Wicked was once again outstanding. The lyrics and music are unbelievable. At one point the young lady next to me was even crying. During intermission I met some people who were discussing the show and between us we discovered so many hidden meanings and moments built into the show to keep people returning to see the show again and again. As an interesting aside, on returning to my hotel room I discovered on facebook, my friend Byron Batista had just posted pictures of Wicked in Los Angeles where he is working in the costume department!


After Wicked we had a few drinks and shared a few stories and packed again for the long haul flight to Canada in the morning…

Reflecting back on the month that had just passed I must say it was the best months in as long as I can remember. It was full of exciting and fun events. I miss performing on stage very much and sometimes wish I was back on the Star. As I was writing this note I have received an email asking if I would be interested in returning to the Star … hmmmm time will tell ….