Valencia, January 22, 2008

Last night I did a presentation for about 25 magicians in Valencia.  They had expected double but it was a holiday weekend and many of the magicians of the area had left the city.  They had their own club house and were very generous hosts.  



Following my presentation we went to dinner, Chinese cuisine, and onto the bar scene.  Here in Spain most of the bars are quite smoky and it is killing my throat.  I am almost completely without a voice!  Imagine that!

Today we have what has to be the shortest trip, just twenty minutes so I was hoping to sleep in and get some well deserved rest!  Not!  Woke to church bells, screaming baby and some body with a death wish hammering somewhere in the building.  Now I have a goal for the day … find the bastard and kill him!  Ok maybe not kill him, just wound him so he will warn others!  

Yesterday started off quite special when David Wilson, my travel friend and I realized we were quite low on fuel.  Of course we realized this after entering a toll highway with no service for 39 kilometers . So off I went to convince a Police office rto stop 12 lanes of traffic so I could do a U-Turn and exit the toll area.  Oh they wanted 20 Euro to exit!  Yes, I did enter but only went about 30 feet on their road!  So off I went to convince the kind toll people to let me out without payment…  I love magic and apparently they do too as it cost me nothing and it was some fun to watch 12 lines of cars staring at us as we slowly crossed the huge highway, over the meridian and out the other side.

Lunch was also a treat.  We had spent the better part of an hour trying to find our hotel in Valencia.  It turns out you can’t drive to the hotel as it is in an alley way. What a cute hotel … did I mention they are doing construction? So if you were in the third largest city in Spain where would you have lunch?  McDonalds .. good news their food tastes just as bad over here!Well I’m off to nurse my sore throat and get ready for the huge 20 minute journey to our next destination …