Tag you’re it!

I’m sitting in a park at the ferry terminal watching Hannah play Tag. Everyone else is faster than Hannah when it comes to this game. They are all much older, they climb faster and also jump higher! How can a girl get ahead when she has so many disadvantages?

Well, after being “it” for far too long she tried to change the rules. When they wouldn’t make the changes she tried to quit. That’s when Dad stepped in and told her quitting wasn’t an option. All she had to to do was study her opponents and learn their strength and weakness’s. Then use those to win. Hannah’s smart. No, really smart! Knowing she couldn’t win the way she had been playing, she changed tactics. Not once, but many times and now as I sit here watching her play tag, she’s in charge. The other kids are listening to her and doing as she says. She realized being “it” is not a bad thing. In my world, being “it” is everything.

Last night was a night of being “it”! I had the honor and privilege to close a gala show, Magic and Mirth, at the Isabella Reader theatre in Langford, BC. It was a sold out crowd and they were there for fun. The show, an annual event, was dedicated to Tony Eng. I was given an opportunity to present a special award to Sandra Eng, Tony’s Daughter, in memory of her Father. I also presented the Lottie Hemeon Award of Excellence from the Society of American Magicians to Teresa Midbo. Teresa is an outstanding assistant and partner to Murray Hatfield and I was thrilled to be the one to present this award. I in fact created this award in honor of Lottie who was a mentor to me and Lori.

In our youth Lottie taught us much of what we do today. I learned to how walk on stage, bow and act on and off stage. She was also kind enough to let me take her husband, Carl’s, tuxedo to a tailor and have it copied. The tailor was Rocco of British Custom Tailors and he was a master of his craft. He did work for such greats as Peter Reveen! He would never have done the work if Lottie had not said it was OK. That in itself is a fun story. Lottie had told me to go to Rocco and ask to have a tux made like Carl’s. Originally she did not give me the tux, she just said to go see him. When I spoke to Rocco and asked him to make the tux, he replied it would be impossible without the original to look at and study. So I went back to Lottie and told her I needed the tux. She looked surprised but gave me it to me and I headed back. When I arrived with tux in hand, he just laughed at me and said ” I don’t need that, I just wanted to make sure it was really alright with Lottie”!

Lottie was more than your average assistant. She was a partner in the the show. Without her I don’t know if Carl would have been the magician he became. Carl knew this and always insisted that Lottie had equal billing on all posters and programs. Most places didn’t want to do this but Carl was “it” and sometimes being “it” isn’t so bad …

“Be Praised for your integrity; be feared for your courage.”
Life’s Little Instructions