Shawn for President …

Hey folks, lots to say but so little time as I have spent another day working on the yard and practicing my newest illusion for the big competition. Sure is looking good though. I had so many other things I really wanted and wished to do but working on the competition has to come first. On Monday I am off to have a small surgery performed. Nothing to worry about I think, hope. I told Hannah I was having an alien implant removed! She thinks it cool.

Will leave you with a little video …

“An independent is the guy who wants to take politics out of politics.” Adlai Stevenson


One thought on “Shawn for President …

  1. Hi Shawn!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! take it easy! what`s another year before getting the house straight!! (hope your missus dosent read this!) Bumped into a pal I hadn`t seen since Blackpool convention, discussed the highlights. His second question was “Did you catch Shawn Farquhar”(spelling right? lol.) both love your photograph trick. Interesting chat we had about your FISM card trick (signed card in sealed pack).

    How`s your FISM act coming along?

    Very best of luck to you, fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!


    Paul F

    PS Great blog keep it up!!

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