So that’s where that was?

Today was cleaning day. Ok, I guess the right thing to say is today was the first of many cleaning days. I have a bit of a break coming up in a week and I am going to take full advantage of it to clean, fix and paint the house. Oh I’m also working on a whole new routine for the show, preparing for the North American championship in Louisville, helping to produce the PCAM in California, shooting a new DVD on Torn 2 Pieces, replacing the kitchen floor, developing a routine for a song I heard, completing work on two new card effects I created and do a photo shoot. Did I mention I have a bit of a break coming up?

Would love to write more but I am a bit busy as I am preparing for a full show on Friday night at the Centennial Theatre in Coquitlam. It’s a fund raiser show for Rochester Elementary school. That’s right, Daddy’s doing a show for Hannah’s school. It a nice 300 seat theatre and with just one flyer we sold over 200 seats in a day. The next day I will be off to Victoria, BC to the Isabelle Reader Theatre in Langford to perform in the Magic & Mirth show. This year I will be closing the show and Murray Hatfield will be the Master of Ceremonies. It will be a special night as the Victoria Magic Circle will hold a Broken Wand Ceremony for Tony Eng.

Money invested in a good education finds its way back to your wallet.