February 5, 2008 Madrid

With two days of rest under my belt we were ready for our next lecture.  This was in Madrid so we didn’t have to do much driving.  It was just five minutes from hotel to hotel.  The exciting part was when I realized I had lost my wallet!  A quick drive back to the first hotel and a valiant attempt to explain to the counter host in my “Spanglish” that I needed to get into my old room resulted in me finding the wallet in the middle of the driveway!

Back and settled into the new hotel we decided to venture into Madrid to see some more sights.  We saw lots of squares and more statutes.In the evening I lectured at the SEI club with about 55 members in attendance.  I was very honored to have many special guests in attendance.   A dear old friend, Christian Miro, who I have known for years from Norwegian Cruise Line was in the audience and Rafael Benatar was kind enough to translate for the whole evening.  To look out and see familiar faces smiling back at me was special.

Unlike most locations I did the lecture straight through without an intermission.  I did this to try to have some extra time with my friends following the presentation.

We all went to a special restaurant and I had a huge steak!  Most of the folks in attendance though groaned when I asked for Ketchup for my “patatas fritas” (french fries)… who eats french fries without ketchup?

The evening ended with Rafael Benatar trying to get us home when we had no idea the name of the hotel or the location.  His GPS could not find a  satellite.  It then dawned on me that I had packed our little “Gypsy”, GPS in the lecture bag.  We pulled over on the side of the road and in minutes we were back in business and on our way to the hotel.

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