Coming Home …

Well my trip to Taiwan was fun filled and I feel so energized by the great shows and audiences. I am trying hard to forget the whole Whistler deal and focus on creating the theatre using an unconventional style format. I’ll tell you more about this in the near future.

My flight home was delayed for 90 minutes on the ground. Here’s an interesting note. JAL (Japanese Airline) had an issue with their onboard entertainment units and the flight attendants went through the cabin giving everyone a form to fill out to receive JAL coupons which could be used for payments towards future flights, in-flight shopping or JAL Hotels. On the other hand Air Canada, aware of an issue had us board the plane and then informed us we would be delayed. We sat in the plane on the ground for 90 minutes before the issue was resolved. Our compensation you may ask … nothing, not even a “were really sorry”. Oh well, other than that the flight was uneventful and it was great to be greeted at the airport by Hannah’s giant smile and a hug from Lori. I got home to find a house full of family and spent the next hour recounting the activities of the weekend and finding out all about my Father-in-laws 80th birthday party which I had missed.

I took a short nap and headed out for an evening of music with the incredible Missy Higgins. If you have not heard of this amazing artist, I’m not that surprised. She is just catching on here in North America but is a sensation in Australia. This was apparent to anyone in the audience since about 50% of the crowd were Aussie and sang every word to every song. Missy has so many great songs but I am particularly fond of Scar, the Special Two and Steer. These were songs I was told to listen to awhile ago and was thrilled to be given the gift of Missy!

To add to a perfect evening the club, the Commodore Ballroom, had a full menu and I had a huge Lobster tail and mushroom sandwich! The evening was perfectly divine. By the time the concert had ended, the jet-lag had begun to set in and it was time to go home and sleep. Tomorrow I start fresh on Plan B of Whistler Magic …

Life brings us special people to learn from and make us better. When these special people end up being our friends we are twice blessed.