Each day is a lesson …

So everyday I seem to learn something new about myself. Like today I learned I don’t like yard work either! I don’t like to mow lawns, dig holes, plants bushes, shovel sand, lay ground cover, install edging or anything else that has to do with landscaping!

I also learned I get angry and loud much quicker in situation where I have little or no knowledge, other than that gleamed from the internet. I learned that spending a couple of grand on a new lawn does not necessarily mean you will have a nice lawn. Especially if there is an infestation of Chaffer bugs in your community. Not to mention the folks who put in the lawn gave you one that was already infested! So these little buggers eat the roots of the grass which kills the grass and the grubs are apparently really tasty to crows and raccoons who tear up your lawn for food. Life just keeps getting better! I remember when the hard decision of my day was whether or not to go ashore and lay on the beach of just stay on the ship and sit by the pool!

“Strange how much you’ve got to know, before you know how little you know.” Anon.

So that’s where that was?

Today was cleaning day. Ok, I guess the right thing to say is today was the first of many cleaning days. I have a bit of a break coming up in a week and I am going to take full advantage of it to clean, fix and paint the house. Oh I’m also working on a whole new routine for the show, preparing for the North American championship in Louisville, helping to produce the PCAM in California, shooting a new DVD on Torn 2 Pieces, replacing the kitchen floor, developing a routine for a song I heard, completing work on two new card effects I created and do a photo shoot. Did I mention I have a bit of a break coming up?

Would love to write more but I am a bit busy as I am preparing for a full show on Friday night at the Centennial Theatre in Coquitlam. It’s a fund raiser show for Rochester Elementary school. That’s right, Daddy’s doing a show for Hannah’s school. It a nice 300 seat theatre and with just one flyer we sold over 200 seats in a day. The next day I will be off to Victoria, BC to the Isabelle Reader Theatre in Langford to perform in the Magic & Mirth show. This year I will be closing the show and Murray Hatfield will be the Master of Ceremonies. It will be a special night as the Victoria Magic Circle will hold a Broken Wand Ceremony for Tony Eng.

Money invested in a good education finds its way back to your wallet.