Reus, January 26, 2008

A short drive from Barcelona that was quite exciting when I missed a turn and David and I had a short but loud discussion on who’s driving and who’s a passenger.  I had seen a “do not enter” sign on the road the GSP wanted me to enter.  So I didn’t enter and a quick discussion on driving skills began.  I took us only minutes to readjust our coordinates and get back on the road but hours before we were laughing at the situation.Reus is a small but fun town.  The hotel was beautiful and the magic club was awesome.

The evening began with a stage show by Miguel who worked to a crowed room of really happy lay people.  He had a couple of outstanding ideas and all in all a very professional show.  Although the entire show was in Spanish, David and I were laughing in all the right places.We headed up to a small room above their theatre for the lecture.  Here in Spain they don’t actually refer to them as lectures.  They call them “Confrencia’s”.  Only a dozen magicians were in attendance but they were a great group with all the right questions and were quick studies. Rafael, the President of the club, was so nice and publicly thanked me for coming to his town.  

Later we all went for drinks at a club called Bogus where the music as we entered was “abracadabra”  by Steve Miller Band … a fact that none of the Spanish magicians even noticed or understood even when David and I pointed it out! 

cimg0009.jpg   cimg0015.jpg   cimg0019.jpg

In the morning we are off to Pamplona to look for some bulls!  If I understand the folks correctly we will cross the Greenwich Meridian somewhere along the road …  I’ll let you know later ..  


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