Barcelona January 25, 2008

Well for the first time on the tour I got to stay in the same city and hotel for an whole day!  David and I took a walk down Rambal de Catalonya (Las Ramblas) and watched the street buskers and con artists.  It was really fun to watch the three shells game workers from Russia.  They are really very good at their craft.  I was so tempted to play just to “best them” but I’m sure I would be in a hospital right now!

In the evening I lecture for the largest club in Barcelona and it was a sold out crowd with standing room only.  They have their own amazing magic club with a card room, library, bar, social area and lecture hall!  Sure was fun meeting the magicians and having the pleasure of Jose translate a second a lecture.  He was exceptional and found the humor in my jokes and even made them work.

cimg0010.jpg SEI Barcelona cimg0026.jpg cimg0028.jpg

Following the lecture we were off to have dinner.  This time I tried a dish I have no idea how to even pronounce!  It was basically BBQ huge onions that you strip and dip in a spicy sauce.  Really was quite delicious!

Tomorrow we head out to Reus.  It’s a small club of a dozen guys but I expect it will be lots of fun … 


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