Pamplona, January 27, 2008

Today was a fun drive of four hours.  We actually drove through the Greewich Meridan which marks the O degree of Longtitude.  Quite a unique experience.  The city of Pamplona is really pretty and the hotel was quite nice and even included a balcony.Our evening began with photos of me with a 10 month old baby named Pablo.  He was so cute and I was honored that his parents wanted me to pose for a few pictures.  After we took a few shots they told me that just a few weeks ago, Juan Tamariz, Spain’s most famous magician had also consented to a few pictures, which they quickly showed me.

  cimg0042.jpg cimg0055.jpg cimg0061.jpg

Then it was off to the lecture.  This was also a small group of 16 very good magicians.  They listened closely and asked great questions.  I had a great time as I am starting to get my voice back and was able to share a few stories along the way.  David acted as camera man for the evening and shot video of most of the lecture.Our evening ended with small group from the society taking us out for dinner and drinks.  It was an outstanding meal and the company was superb.  I really had a great evening and they were so nice to us.  They even gave us these special red handkerchiefs that are traditionally worn during the running of the bulls.  The cool part is that the handkerchiefs are embroidered with the magic societies logo’s! 


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