Shawn Farquhar Vlog July 14, 2009

Back home for 72 hours to unpack, regroup and pack again for the next trip to the SAM national convention in Buffalo, NY. If I look tired …it’s because I am! Take a moment to rate this video please …


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  1. Checked out this website after seeing you on your last Norwegian Cruise. Our family enjoyed your show so much. Our youngest granddaughter (7 years old)couldn’t stop talking about it. She and I went to your slight of hand show in the afternoon. She still wonders how Hannah could move the stick with her shadow. It was definitely magical for her. Our 2 granddaughters also met up with Hannah at the park in Skagway and our youngest granddaughter asked her how she got into your treasure box. Hannah said can you keep a secret? Justine said yes, and Hannah said so can I. It was so cute! You have a lovely family and I can tell you are a very special man.

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