A weekend of fun with a sad ending …

Posted: March 8, 2009 in Lecture tour, magic, travel

[qt:/Blogvideo/030809.mov 320 240]

I had an amazing time at the Winter Carnival of Magic this weekend. I think Mike Stratman and his crew from Ring #58 did an outstanding job. It was great to hang out with old friends like Bob Sheets, Ken Scott, Stoil & Ekaterina, Fukai, Jason Michaels, Kristi Toguchi and all the FFFFer’s. It was also nice to meet new friends.

The trip home was a nightmare and the United Airlines employee at the gate counter in Chicago should be made to take a course on how to deal with her own stress and maybe even on how to tell time! In these time of economic crisis isn’t it about time companies take a closer look at who’s representing their product?

Although the weekend was fun and exciting it ended on a sad note when I found out my dear friend, Ali Bongo had passed away. He was 79 and lived a thousand lives. He will be missed by many.

Ali and Me (hamming it up at FISM)

Ali and Me (hamming it up at FISM)

  1. naquada says:

    yes.. its a sad sad loss… Best Salaams Ali… we’ll miss you…

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