Life in the passing lane …

Seems like I go through periods of really nothing going on and then all at once everything happens. It seems to be shaping up to be that kind of year! Yes, were only 9 days into the year and I see clearly the way things will unfold. I guess I could tell you all the details but, what fun would that be?

I have completed the Cub Zag … and just in time as NCL called and said they would like to pick up the cases early … like tomorrow! Normally I would be ready as everything would still be packed from returning from a ship … not the case this time! I had to first locate some of the case, which were in the garage … which was buried under a bank of snow! Then I had the fun of packing it all up… in a single day. Not a terrible task if I was just doing that, but I had started the Cub Zag illusion and although yesterday in the blog I said it was done … I was wrong. Even as I write this, Lori is sewing the straps for the cases to keep everything safe. The prop does however look good. Not maybe exactly as I designed … but pretty close and in fact better in some ways. You decide.


That was the design (using Dan Wolfe’s photo as a template from his website ) and this is the actual prop …

Between all this packing and building I also took the time to go see Murray Hatfield and Teresa latest touring show, Magic n’ Miracles. It was a super great show with special guest Sean Bogunia, Chipper Lowell and Oscar Munoz. I don’t think I have laughed as hard in a long time! A great night spent with friends and filled with magic and comedy.


5 thoughts on “Life in the passing lane …

  1. It’s a steampunk style mantle clock. I am slowly working towards a theme of steampunk style art work incorporated into the show. For those of you less familiar with steampunk a quick Google will show you plenty of examples. Cheers!

  2. Looks good. The design appears a bit dark in the finished picture, but that could just be the photograph. Personally, I usually like to see more contrast between the black borders and the design area to enhance the optical portion of the illusion. Glad I was able to at least offer a design tool (my un-credited 3D image) that you could draw your design over.

  3. hiya {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”hiya “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

  4. To Brian, Thanks for the video comment and I LOVE your idea of using the 1800’s series cards for the deck switch!

    To Dan, I am sorry for the oversight in not crediting the use of your image as my template. I have corrected the blog to reflect the credit. I am also waiting to see your design as this one is only a temporary prop until I get a whole new one from you …


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