Good and bad …

Have you ever noticed how you have to take the good with the bad … I’ve noticed!

On the good side I was checking out my facebook account and my nephews new bride Angela wrote a note on my wall…

Angela Moscoso-Davis wrote at 7:35pm
Weird thing happened to me yesterday…. I was walking around Chapters, when all of a sudden I see your face peering out at me from amongst the magazines!!! Then I realize you are on the cover of a magazine….very impressive!!! And I loved Hannah’s pic!!!

I think it’s pretty cool that the issue is actually on the newstands here in Canada and the US. I just bought the next issue online with part 2. It’s got some more great pics and some fun reading too. I am really enjoying the entire issue and plan to subscribe.

I love that they called me a Magic Junkie … after all that’s what I am!

Subscribe here: Magicseen

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One thought on “Good and bad …

  1. Hey there Shawn….You have a blog? 😉 Hey I just wanted to say it was a blast hanging out and seeing Murrys show. I got home a little bit after 4am but was worth every minute of the sleep I lost. Talk to you soon. Brian

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