It just keeps snowing …

Well it’s been two weeks of constant snow and there looks like no end in sight!  I cannot recall a time on the west coast of Canada where there has been this much snow.  I live on a street that is not a major road but by no means is it rural.  Although for the past week it might be considered almost impassable!  A quick stroll down my road will reveal dozens of abandoned vehicles just left by their owners as they had no way of conquering the steep hill that leads to the main road at the top.

With my forced seclusion from the outside world I have found ample time to complete projects and finish things around the house.  However, I did not do any of that as I am a procrastinator!  I did however use the time to pull out a computer game given to me by Trevor Watters almost fourteen months ago.  It is called Civilization IV and it is quite addictive! The goal is to conquer the world …  something I have been interested in since I was a small boy.  I try not to play video games as I am very competitive and just can’t quit until I beat the computer.  Today I won the game by changing strategies.  To this point I was always building a large army and trying to defeat the other nations by force.  This time I used diplomacy and won!  I guess that’s an interesting lesson …


My families Christmas was different than years past. We woke early, as I am still waking up early for some damn reason! Hannah patiently waited for Uncle Scott and Petra to arrive and then the tearing open of gifts began. Hannah was delighted to get just what she wanted from Santa. Lori got a number of fun things and I was the recipient of a purple hard cover for my MAC. We also got a family gift of a new 46″ LCD HD TV which is quite large in our small living room. We had our traditional breakfast but instead of sitting at the table we just hung out in the living room. The afternoon was spent playing with the stuff we had amassed and then we all headed out for Christmas Dinner … something we had never done before. Kris and Angela, the newly weds, invited us to share their first Christmas Dinner. It was nice to meet new people and see the other side of the family. The best part of the whole day however was spending time with my Mother. I don’t think I say it enough but she is such an amazing woman. It took me years to recognized it but she is a tremendously talented and strong individual. She has always been supportive and encouraging and I don’t think I can name a time where she was critical or negative about anything I have ever done in the past.

I hope your holidays were well spent and that maybe you too found a gift you weren’t expecting. I know many of you were not near family and friends and some of you spent the holidays even far from your own homes. To you I say, it’s not the distance that matters as the heart has no limit.

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce


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