An amazing week!

Well it has been a bit of time since my last post. It has been my intention to find a way to do this via video instead of the written word. I also set the entire blog up on my own server but it appears no one could find it… a good college try but not the correct move it appears …

This week started with a quick trip to London. Most of the people I know were super busy on rehearsals or shows but I did get a chance to see a few friends, share some wine, sushi and laughter. I was then off to MacMillian’s International Magic Convention where I am proud to say I left as their new champion. It is a huge honor for me as the names on the trophy from previous years reads as a who’s who in magic. I also noticed I count many of the same names as my friends these days!

I jumped on a plane to Hong Kong but the Chinese travel folks mispelled my name and I was almost denied the flight. I was also traveling with two bags and the airline thinks a 12 hour flight qualifies for only one suitcase! The kind lady at the counter let the second one go for free when I explained it was just to hold the BIG new trophy I had won! lol

I met a super great guy, Heyman, who transported me to Shenzhen, China where I will be for the rest of the week. Had a great dinner with Albert Tam of Hong Kong and Eric Eswin from FISM. The evening ended over a bottle of wine and some great conversation …

I am sure looking forward to this magic event here in China…

To make the week even more amazing the folks at have published an audio podcast of an interview I did with them this Summer. If you have a spare 56 minutes you might want to check it out!




4 thoughts on “An amazing week!

  1. was nice to see you again shawn.. lots more photos coming up as well.. as well as the video of the weekend showing all the highlights of the convention..

    and of course Congratulations on a well deserved win… you even fooled Bobby Bernard apparently!!! 🙂

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