Vernon was a blast!

Dad & Daughter
Dad & Daughter

So let me begin by thanking Michael Cade and the crew of the Vernon and District Theatre. Erin, Jim, Kurt, Ted and Garrett were outstanding and to see such a large audience with such a diverse range of ages was thrilling. Magic is just about the only entertainment that has such a wide demographic.

The show started at 8:10 PM and ended at 10:10 PM. Each half was just over 45 minutes in length and featured many of my favorite pieces and a few new ones. I loved being back in a real theatre and to be able to do the new Secrets was a blast! I believe the audience had a great time and I look forward to presenting the show in many venues throughout Canada and perhaps the US.

I mentioned new effects and to be honest I had been wanting to present the multiplying bottles for years and have studied most of the best in the business. I am especially fond of Denny and Lee’s

Lance Burton

Tommy Cooper

and Pete Biro’s (sorry no video) presentations.

I tried hard not to copy any of these great routines and make it my own. I spent a small fortune on this effect and have many different version of the bottles. Now that I have settled into one particular set I finally found the set I originally wanted years ago! I’ll let you decide … which looks better?

Version A


Version B


Write to you soon …


“Be nice to everyone as you climb the ladder of success; many are holding it steady for you.” LLT


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