Coffee anyone?

Posted: October 17, 2008 in magic, travel

Well I have to admit I am not a coffee drinker. That said I am also addicted to Tim Horton’s English toffee cappuccino. This in itself seems like I must be lying … Fact of the matter is I just love the flavor of the English toffee and wish it was something other than a coffee! The caffeine from a single coffee can make my whole body jitter for hours! I know this for a fact and yet every time I drive past a Tim Horton’s I have to stop and buy one!

Well last night I got to do a show for the owners of Tim Horton’s stores in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Simon Jukes, Lori and I did a one hour show with three illusions and lot of comedy interaction. They were a super great group of people who made my evening fun. In return for my hard work they were even kind enough to give me a standing ovation!

Tomorrow I am off with Simon, Lori and Hannah to do our road trip to Vernon, BC for the premiere of Secrets!

  1. Pat Virden says:

    Shawn, if you every go to Michigan and perform at the Souring Eagle Casino, let me offer you accomadations at our home. Feel free to call anytime (989)683-8403. I have been out of the magic business for 13 years but was deep into it when Doc Holloway was a member of my family and we were both doing magic at Big White, Kelowna, BC and we were members of the Ogopogo Magic Circle. I’m pretty sure I saw you perform in Kelowna, along with Kerry Hiam, from Portland Oregon. I remember your C&B and tried to do a routine like yours, it was great!

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