Coffee anyone?

Well I have to admit I am not a coffee drinker. That said I am also addicted to Tim Horton’s English toffee cappuccino. This in itself seems like I must be lying … Fact of the matter is I just love the flavor of the English toffee and wish it was something other than a coffee! The caffeine from a single coffee can make my whole body jitter for hours! I know this for a fact and yet every time I drive past a Tim Horton’s I have to stop and buy one!

Well last night I got to do a show for the owners of Tim Horton’s stores in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Simon Jukes, Lori and I did a one hour show with three illusions and lot of comedy interaction. They were a super great group of people who made my evening fun. In return for my hard work they were even kind enough to give me a standing ovation!

Tomorrow I am off with Simon, Lori and Hannah to do our road trip to Vernon, BC for the premiere of Secrets!


One thought on “Coffee anyone?

  1. Shawn, if you every go to Michigan and perform at the Souring Eagle Casino, let me offer you accomadations at our home. Feel free to call anytime (989)683-8403. I have been out of the magic business for 13 years but was deep into it when Doc Holloway was a member of my family and we were both doing magic at Big White, Kelowna, BC and we were members of the Ogopogo Magic Circle. I’m pretty sure I saw you perform in Kelowna, along with Kerry Hiam, from Portland Oregon. I remember your C&B and tried to do a routine like yours, it was great!

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