Trailers … and how I learned I need more knowledge!

So it was Wednesday and it was the day before my big gig for Tim Horton’s and my premiere of Secrets and I need a trailer. Not a big trailer, just one larger enough to hold six large illusions, a giant rear projection screen, video and audio equipment, costumes and the small stuff too!


I contacted a fellow named John who sells trailers for and he suggested the trailer pictured above. In fact it was an awesome trailer and the best part is that it’s Canadian made … (proud Canadian eh?). I liked the trailer so much that I am purchasing a custom built trailer from this very company.

So what happened to make me realize I need more knowledge? Well, great question! I learned there are several different size hitch balls and hitches of various heights. I also learned that not all trailers electrical hook ups are the same. This was my biggest lesson. You see I have a Nissan Pathfinder and it has five wires that come out of the back to hook up to a trailer. Funny thing is that most trailer hitches have only four pins … not five! So what do you do with the fifth one … well if your me and John … you just hook it up to one of the others and blow all the fuses in your truck!

OK, not all the fuses. Just three fuses and a relay switch. Two of which I was able to locate and a third that eluded me for almost 24 hours. I found where the headlights fuse and signal fuse were located but I could not find the brake fuse no matter what I did. Of course I didn’t pick up the trailer until late in the afternoon and the automotive shops were all closing so I had to race to buy fuses! OK, I missed the first store and the second one didn’t have what I needed. I then raced to the third store … did I mention I was doing this all in a truck and trailer with no lights at all! (that’s signal, headlights, taillights or brake lights)

I reached the third store, bought 10 amp and 20 amp fuses, electrical tape, needle nose pliers, utility blade and yes … a five wire to four wire converter! That’s right there is such a thing as a five to four converter! I spent the next hour in the rain splicing and wiring it all together and then tested it all out. When it was all done I still didn’t have brake lights! Oh and no relay switch! I did figure out I could swap the air conditioning relay for the burnt out one but for the life of me I could not find the brake fuse.

In the end I drove the forty minute drive home in the dark with no brake lights! Aren’t you glad I don’t live close to you … unless of course you do … in which case … lucky you weren’t on the road while I was driving home!

The next day with a little help for Lori and the internet we found out there are three fuse boxes on the Nissan Pathfinder. The third one is hidden in the most unusual place and of course was the location of the final fuse necessary to have brake lights!

Well that was the moment I realized … I need to learn lots more …

“Don’t think life owes you something. You’ll always feel short changed.” Life’s Little Instructions


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