Election is over and time for my poll …

So the big Canadian election is over and I sincerely hope your candidate, who will represent your communities interest best, has won. I don’t know if the final outcome will be good or bad for Canada, but time will certainly tell us …

I have another opportunity to buy a building to be the home of my theatre! I can’t believe I have had nothing for so long and now in the span of a month I have two. The first building is not perfect. In fact it is far from perfect but could work I guess. The new opportunity is so much better and that’s what the topic of this post in all about.

I need your opinion. Do you prefer to sit in a theatre on a flat floor and look up to a raised stage or would you prefer to sit in seats that are raked up and look down on a stage? Please add you opinion to the bottom of this post…

Just for fun I have also included a link from Henry Tom for a really cool mind reading effect from 7 UP’s Fido. Enjoy …


This is also a link to a recent article in the Vernon Star regarding my upcoming theatre show … Secrets! CLICK HERE

For those of you who don’t like to click … here is the basic info:

Magic is all in the family for Farquhar
Published: October 14, 2008 7:00 PM
Not a lot of entertainers can claim having performed for both the Hells Angels and Queen Elizabeth, but Shawn Farquhar can. The renown magician, on stage in Vernon Saturday, even performs for his peers.

“I performed in Blackpool (England) to 3,500 magicians — that’s how I win these awards, by fooling other magicians,” said Farquhar, a born entertainer whose magic amazes even the most skeptical audiences.

In recent years he has been named the stage magician and sleight of hand magician of the year by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Most magicians perform only one of the two magic disciplines – stage and close up – but Farquhar is a master of both.

He’s been practising his craft for years, but magic is also in his blood.

“I am the culmination of four generations of magician minds,” said Farquhar.

“My Father was William G. Farquhar and he inaugurated the Farquhar magician of the year trophy in Victoria. But I never did win that award. I’d have to attend all their meetings, but I’m on the road too much,” he said, adding one of his missions is to accomplish more in magic than his father did.

“My father challenged me; the student is supposed to surpass the teacher,” said Farquhar, whose show, Secrets, is being mounted in the Okanagan for the first time this week.

A favourite routine takes its name from the show’s title and sees Farquhar ask members to think of a secret only they know. Then Farquhar reveals the answers he knew even before the show.

Farquhar features many illusions during Secrets, but one special event will be the levitation of a volunteer from the audience using nothing more than a couple of step ladders and a plank of wood.

“People love to figure out how I do things,” said Farquhar.

“I lead them to think they’ve found the solution, then I show them how that idea is totally impossible.”

To give the audience a better view of Farquhar’s secrets, he’ll show his award-winning close up tricks on a high definition screen.

Shawn Farquhar performs Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre. Tickets are $25 for adults, $23 for seniors and $20 for students, available through Ticket Seller at 549-SHOW.


12 thoughts on “Election is over and time for my poll …

  1. Tiered if I’m watching, but flat if I’m performing. I worry about tiered seating that the audience may see into the top of a couple of props 🙂

  2. I think a large audience capacity suits for the tiered style better

    I also like the idea of removable seating as you can make the crowd sit in a desired plan and capacity to enhance their experience

    This also allows you to adjust their sight lines for those illusions with “difficult” angles

    You can make it happen

  3. Shawn,

    In my opinion there is no contest: tiered is the way to go – you don’t have to look around anyone’s big head and it feels more like a formal theater (and not a gym that someone has set up rows of seats in). Although the nice advantage to a raised stage is there is a very clear barrier between the audience and the performer, what about tiered seating with a very small (6″-12″?) platform for a stage?

  4. Hi Shawn,

    I prefer tiered seating.

    I hate craning my neck to look up at someone perform.

    Although when you do closeup on a large screen that isn’t an issue.


  5. TIERED!! Cause I’m that person who manages to get a seat right behind the tall guy and then spends the show getting glimpses whilst alternating between a bouncing head!! That is of course unless you’re hooking mates up with front row seats???? *hint,hint* =)

  6. Hi Shawn.

    I think that tiered seating is a better choice. I think is creates a better connection with the audience. I believe flat style seating creates an atmosphere where the person on stage is superior and performing for the little people. I have seen your magic and you create a connection with your audience.

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