Here’s a blast from the past …

Well it has been awhile since I have posted to this blog. Not that I have been lazy, it’s just I have found a way to vent using video on facebook. I like writing but recently I realized I am not as good a writer as I am a speaker. I guess I’m more of a storyteller.

Well since I last visited here I have lectured in Pennsylvania, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I did eleven lectures in fourteen days in Scandinavia and had the time of my life. I have to admit the first part was a whole lot more fun then the second. Now don’t get me wrong, the second half was lots of fun too … I was just a little more tired and a bit more lonely in the second half.

I have been cleaning the house of late and finding things I did not know I still had hidden in the darkest parts of my home. I am also making the final plans for my upcoming show, Secrets, in Vernon. This is going to be a great show and I have heard from lots of you who are planning to make the trip to see the show … sweet.

I’ll close this posting by telling you to check out my video blog on facebook:

Facebook video October 11, 2008

I also think you might get a chuckle out of this video pitch promo for a TV special I had hoped to do many years ago …



“We are all going to die, but for goodness sake don’t do it while doing something stupid.” – Life Little Instructions


2 thoughts on “Here’s a blast from the past …

  1. Excellent question Craig …
    The main clips were shot in the August of 2001 but most of the fill clips were show bak in 1996 for a special I shot for China following my first appearance on OTV in 1995. A few of the clips are from stuff we shot in 1998 too.



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