Lecture tour ( Ontario )

This trip has been a ton of fun. It all began when the silence of the night was broken by my iPhone telling me it was time to crawl out of bed. My half open eyes looked at the display with disbelief. It was 4AM, a time normally reserved for me to go to sleep, not wake up!

I was in the back of a taxi by 4:30 AM and at the airport in just under forty minutes. I was still amazed to see as many cars on the road as there were for that hour of the day. It wasn’t too long ago I would have been one of the only vehicles to be on the streets in the middle of the night. Mallairdville certainly has grown.

The first flight was quick and painless. I am practicing a new routine with cards and I spent the whole flight working on a new multiple cut. I also tuned into the movie “Stop Loss”. This isn’t a work of cinematic genius, but the subject matter was quite compelling. For those of you, like me, who aren’t familiar with the term “stop loss”, it’s a term used by the US government to force soldiers who have completed there military contract to remain in service past their agreement. This new initiative was put in place as kind of a reverse draft. Since it’s institution over 80,000 young men and women have been “stop lossed”. Kind of sad that they volunteered to serve their country and after risking their lives for it, they get screwed over by the very government they have sworn to defend.

I arrived in Calgary at raced off the plane to make a tight connection for my flight to Toronto. As I exited the plane I realized my next flight was on the same plane! Not sure why they made me get off to just line up to go back on … but I did.

I got into Toronto and so did my luggage. My lecture was scheduled for 170 minutes after I arrived and my host for the evening, Scott Hood, was already waiting to race me to our destination. With a short stop at a Wendy’s for a burger and a bit of time to set my lecture in the parking lot I was off to the hall. There was about thirty magicians of varying degrees of skill in attendance. Most notable was the appearance by International President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Joan Caesar. Along with her were several well known professional magicians including Andrew Pogson (aka Freddy Fusion) and Brian Moynahan ( aka Brian Michaels).

The lecture was well received and several folks said it was the best lecture they had ever attended. This is a super great compliment and to be honest I have been hearing it more and more lately. I guess I am doing something right.

The evening ended with Andrew Pogson driving me to Niagara Falls to see my friend, Greg Frewin. In the morning, before heading back to Toronto I took some time to help Andrew and Greg with a video shoot for a promotional reel. I really enjoy video taping and the composing of shots and think if I was not a magician I would have chosen this field.

Back on the road after video taping five super cool illusions I began to realize I had barely had six or seven hours of sleep in the past two days! This was a trend that would continue. Upon my arrival back in Toronto I noticed I had not packed the plug for my MAC nor my iPhone! So it was off on a search for a MAC store. This is not as easy as it may sound. In fact the first stop resulted in the discovery that the cities newest store had already closed! Eventually I found a MAC authorized dealer and right next door was a super great sushi place called Sushi Sam’s. I dropped in for some Kani, caught a taxi back to the hotel and crawled into bed for an hour’s nap before my lecture.

Almost sixty magicians attended the lecture that evening and it was a super great time. They were a great group of people with lots of really great questions. I had a chance to meet Paul Wildbaum, who is an incredible magician and physical comedian. I was also thrilled to see that the folks in attendance liked my material and in fact I sold out on everything I had brought!

The lecture and story telling ended at about midnight and by the time I got back to the hotel and crawled into bed it was just a little after 1 AM. By my calculations I had a whole four hours to sleep before I had to head to the airport for my trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Although I am sure my calculations were right I did not get a whole four hours of peaceful sleep. The limo driver, wanting to comfort me in the knowledge that he was there and waiting, rang my cellular a half an hour prior to our agreed upon time. I appreciate the gesture, but I knew he would be there as he is a professional and I could really have used the extra time looking at the insides of my eyelids!

Well the trip was super fast to the airport and I am off to MAES. That’s the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States, where I will see my good friend Mike Miller. It should be lots of fun … even if I don’t get to sleep!!!

“I can sleep when I’m dead” – Shawn Farquhar


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