First day of the rest of your life …

Well I crawled out of bed today to send Hannah off to the first day of Grade 3. She was so excited! I got out the camera a snapped our traditional “first day with the new backpack” picture. This year was quite a task to select the backpack. Apparently her Disney Fairy one was just so “last year”. This year it is all about High School Musical. I cannot even fathom the amount of money Disney makes in a year, just off the extras! OK I can … it was 4.7 Billion dollars! Resorts brought in a whopping 10.7 Billion! Geez should look at buying some stock … no really.

First day Grade 3
First day Grade 3

I am booking my calendar for 2009 and it is filling up super quick. Off the top of my head I am booked for Magi-Fest in Ohio and a week tv shoot for ESPN in February, Winter Carnival of Magic, NEMCON and a lecture tour of the East Coast for March, FFFF and Branson Magic convention for April, most of May in the UK, July in Buffalo for SAM and China for FISM, August in Japan and back to Magic Camp and September will see me hosting the PCAM on the Norwegian Pearl. Going to be a busy year …

I finished my article for MAGIC magazine on Murray Hatfield and his 20th anniversary tour of Canada. I think I did a pretty decent job and with the help of Donovan Deschner it reads rather well …

Here’s just the opening paragraph. For the rest you will have to buy a copy of the November issue of the magazine …or better yet … subscribe!

The year was 1984 and young Murray Hatfield was at his local theatre watching Chuck Jones’ fire fighters fund raiser magic show as had become tradition for him and his friends, with one small exception. Instead of sitting in the audience he was watching the show from the wings awaiting his turn on stage. Had he known that the next seven minutes of his life would lead to over 24 years of work touring across Canada, millions in charity dollars raised and countless delighted families, he might have been too nervous to step on stage.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.”
— Mohandas Gandhi


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