Time keeps on ticking … into the future.

Well it has been a bit of time since I last wrote in this blog. In that time I have been to Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Washington. I’ll try to give you a basic run down of the last month.

I left Branson after seeing every magic show in town and making friends with whole lot of super great people.

It was off to Louisville, Kentucky for the combined International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of american Magicians convention. It was in fact the largest gathering of magicians in North America in history. I was selected to compete in both categories for the People’s Choice contest. This was my first experience in a competition that was voted on by the audience. I was to make it to the finals in only the sleight of hand contest.

The stage contest was an interesting event for me as during the performance I lost track of all the cards necessary to present my Shape of my Heart routine. I have no excuse or understanding on how this happened. I can tell you that I became extremely nervous and trembled. I am certain it had to be noticeable to many watching my eight foot hands on the projected screen! Why am I admitting this in a forum where many never saw and even fewer would find out? Well because I am quite proud that I was able to relocate all the cards necessary, put them back into order and complete the routine without anyone ever knowing I was in trouble. I hit every lyric and in the end the audience gave me a standing ovation. Regardless of the judges decision not to have me go onto the finals, I am very proud of that day.

The sleight of hand competition went very well and in fact in the preliminaries I was given a very long and loud standing ovation. The finalists were an excellent group and I was very honored to be among the six. I did my act and the response was quite amazing but in the end the in a close decision the people chose another winner, Marc Oberon. I am a fan of his magic and he is a genuinely good person and their is no shame in losing to him. I look forward to another chance to share a stage with him and his magic. I would like to thank everyone who did vote for me … I hope you still feel you voted for a winner.

I was offered many contracts at the awards ceremony and even more at the closing celebrations. I am proud to say I have been invited to perform at FFFF, the SAM National Convention, Magi-Fest, Abbots Close Up Convention, the Winter Carnival of Magic, Bristol Day of Magic, NEMCON, UGM in Japan and the Branson Magic Show Conference. ( oh plus a few others in Europe and Israel too!)

The Finalist ...
The Finalist ...

photo's by Mona Morrison
photo's by Mona Morrison

Check out the face!
Check out the face!

Traveling home by plane was a fun experience. The plane was delayed, no big surprise there, but the humorist part was when the airline told me they had no record of my ticket. I was asked to call the issuing company of the tickets and while I did that would I mind stepping aside and letting the man behind go first. I turned to see it was Marc Oberon and I quickly replied … no worries … he always gets to go first!

I settled the ticket issue and the rest of the flight was uneventful. I have taken a few minutes to scan the internet and have found some wonderful reviews of my performances at IBM/SAM. I have also found a few not so wonderful ones too.

Here’s a sampling of both …

“The close-up finals were at 11:00. All six did a commendable job but Shawn Farquhar and Marc Oberon were clearly the best. Clift and I both voted for Oberon. All six will get some gigs out of this so they should all be very pleased.” Full review here …

“Shawn Farquhar – Canada – house favorite presented his now legendary ’signed, sealed and delivered’ card in card case effect followed by the fantastic cups & balls routine in a manner that only Shawn can present, a roller coaster from start to finish that saw another standing ovation for the performer in his trademark purple suit.” Full review here …

“Shawn Farquhar. (Canada) Great close-up. Shawn, where did you ever get the idea that a stage contest consisted of a camcorder, a widescreen, and a deck of cards?? I loved the bit, but this wasn’t a “stage” act. And, with a tight close-up like that, I really felt your hands shake. I was like, give this guy some Jiffy Pop kernels, and a Rocco routine with popcorn.” Full Review here …

When I got home I did an interview with the Magic Convention Guide. This is a great site for magician wanting to know where to get their next “magic fix”! You can read the full interview by clicking HERE.

I came home and went straight back to “fixing” the house. Lori stripped the floor in Hannah’s room and then I got the thrill of sanding it down to be refinished. I now know something else new … I don’t like sanding either! No big surprise there either huh? The floor is finished and it looks super great. I’ll let you be the judge…

Sanding Floor
Sanding Floor

Finished floor
Finished floor

The last few days have been interesting as I prepare for basically a month and a bit away from home. Our first stop will be as a family to the Sorcerer’s Safari Summer Magic Camp. I am so looking forward to this “break” from reality. The camp will be attended by many of my friends and this is certain to be a fun time for Hannah as she learns some magic.

After Camp it off to the Magic in the Rockies convention which is certain to be a highlight of my year. It has been raved about for years by so many of my friends. Speaking of friends I will be seeing Mike Miller next at his convention, MAES. This too will be a great event and I know it too will be a highlight.

I will also do two magic lecture in Ontario, Canada for the Toronto and Hamilton clubs. In fact the rest of the month will be lectures …

September 10, 2008 – Hamilton, Ontario
September 11, 2008 – Toronto, Ontario
September 20, 2008 – Halmstad, Sweden
September 21, 2008 – Stockholm, Sweden
September 22, 2008 – Oslo, Norway
September 23, 2008 – Bergen, Norway
September 24, 2008 – Stavanger, Norway
September 25, 2008 – Bodo, Norway
September 27, 2008 – Horsens, Denmark
September 28, 2008 – Horsens, Denmark
September 29, 2008 – Copenhagen, Denmark
September 30, 2008 – Aarhus. Denmark
October 1, 2008 – Aabenraa, Denmark
October 19, 2008 – Kelowna, BC

Well, that should pretty much bring you up to date. I am sorry I have not been writing as often but I can tell you I have taken the time to think, re-think, grow, invent, and sleep … lots of sleep…

Attitude not aptitude will determine altitude”


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