Did I mention I don’t like flying?

So for a guy who isn’t fond of flying I sure seem to do a lot it lately. This time we were flying Continental. The new rules regarding luggage are in full swing and with a restriction of just one bag per person it is getting quite expensive for me to travel with the act. I shipped two of the cases via FedEx to Louisville as it was more economical. Sure hope they arrive!

The first flight was interesting. We had two flight attendants who were really not interested in … well anything. My favorite moments were when a passenger asked if they new which terminal we would be arriving at in Houston. Her responses was “that’s a question you should ask some who cares ..” . I know you think I’m making this up, but I swear I’m not. So I felt compelled to lighten her day.

The moment arrived. The attendant asked what I would like to drink and I proceeded to spit a mouthful of cards magically … her response … well to be truly honest there was no response … none … she just stood there waiting for my reply to her question … like she had seen thousands before me vomit cards! I gathered my composure and said … I’ll guess I’ll have a Coke. She poured the Coke handed me the glass, I said thanks and she said uhhuh … which appears to be quite common among service personnel.

Our connecting flight in Houston was from Terminal C to B and we had a whole 20 minutes to make the distance. Did I mention Bush International is really huge! If we had not been given a ride half way through our run on the concourse and the shuttle had been any fuller we would never have made the flight. We would also never have met Michelle our flight attendant.

Michelle was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone on a plane who likes her job. She treated everyone with respect and actually spoke to the passengers. We even learned about her two kids, Megan and Ben. Continental should look at people like this to teach the others that taking a little interest in their jobs can be rewarding!

I’ll be writing to Continental to express, not my disappointment in the first flight but instead my satisfaction in the second leg of my journey. A direct result of Michele and the other flight crew members. Hannah wants me to add that Michele took the time to ask the pilot if she could push a button or two once we had landed! The Captain complied and Hannah now thinks we should always fly on that plane … oh if that was the case I would probably begin to like flying again.

I guess it’s time to try a few other carriers like Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Rumor has it they understand customer service …


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