The best made plans …

Well PCAM 2008 is over and I am officially tired. Each year I set aside these four days to be with the people who have helped to shape my career. Most of the “old guard” have passed and those that remain are my childhood friends of magic.

PCAM Group Photo 2008
PCAM Group Photo 2008

The convention was a huge success as it was lots of fun. My friend, Kevin Cardona did an outstanding job of putting things together. I was honored to be asked to book the acts and organize the ProChallenge contest. Both of these events were spectacular. Several of the acts in the gala show were even given partial standing ovations! Andrew Goldenhersh had them leaping to their feet with his finale.

The convention would never have been the success it was without my friends all agreeing to participate at what I call “you like me” rates! Once again thanks guys! Special thanks to Brian Cook, Dean Hankey and Steve Kline for making the tech side so much easier … it used to be just me!

My show was less than perfect. I was the host of the ProChallenge and the first half of the show went quite smooth. There were no delays in the set up of acts and with the new addition of interviewing acts between their sets made it interesting and smooth. After the intermission I was given some time to entertain while the ballots were tabulated.

I started with my hands and cups routine with a delightful young boy named Carson who apparently lived in the area and came to the show to see me! Turns out Carson saw my full evening show on the Norwegian Star on a cruise to Mexico. He was perfect for the routine and it rocked the crowd.

Carson the magnificent ...
Carson the magnificent ...

Now with audience firmly in the palm of my hand I decided to present the world premiere of an illusion. Truth is this was prototype #12 of an effect I have done since 1988. With the help of a friend, Ryan Pilling, and an hour of practice I was certain this new version was going to rock the room! Basically I was going to vanish from the middle of the stage, a silk handkerchief was going to fly from my hands and across the stage and off into the wings where I would reappear! Sounds good huh? The effect was fool proof … ok maybe not fool proof. The flying of the cloth was to act as the misdirection for the vanish. The moving silk would redirect the audiences attention away from my position at center stage so they would not see the vanish … it would have worked too … well if the silk had flown anywhere! So it just sat right there in front of me and didn’t fly …anywhere … oh I disappeared and reappeared … it just wasn’t what was supposed to happen. Oh well life goes on. No it really does. In fact in the world of entertainment it was already “going on” and I had to continue on with the show. I introduced my favorite routine, Shape of my Heart and at the conclusion the crowd went wild … nice!

Shape of my heart ...
Shape of my heart ...
New illusion ...
New illusion ...

Well that’s proof that the best made plans sometimes …. aren’t.

Well were packed and on the road back to Los Angeles for the evening. Then a quick couple of flights to Kentucky where I’ll make a quick trip to Branson and then prepare for the big contests …


2 thoughts on “The best made plans …

  1. Every time I spend time with you Shawn, I come away impressed by what a classy person you are. Your integrity and loyality inspires me. Thank you.

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