Everything is gonna be alright …

Found out yesterday that the “thing” they cut out of my body was benign. I guess that means I’m OK. Benign is good right? I guess not having anything cut out of your body is best … but if you’re gonna have something cut out … well pray it’s benign.

I shipped off the new illusion for the competition yesterday and while on the road I had time to chat to some friends. It was great to chat and one of them was quite bummed I am sure I added a small “ray of sunshine” to their day.

My friends at Magic West have set up a new facebook group and have already posted a video or two of mine. If you haven’t heard of Magic West you should check these guys out. They really do a great job of promoting magic in Alberta.

I also found a copy of the current Harper’s on a magazine rack at Chapter’s book store. On the cover it read THE MAGIC OLYMPICS. I picked up a copy and was surprised to read it was a thirteen page article written by the competitor who followed me at FISM. Alex Stone was a super nice guy who was so nervous backstage that I could hear him vomiting in his dressing room next door. I took sometime to befriend him and tried to calm him down a bit. It was during this discussion I discovered he had never competed in any magic contest and it made me wonder how he ever got to be a contestant! Well I guess a good reporter can do anything he wants!

The article is quite interesting. Well written and although it does have some exposure of secrets I still enjoyed the bulk of the story. OK, I wasn’t so hot on him writing … “Shawn Farquhar must have performed his Ambitious Card over a thousand tines, and yet – incredibly – he blunders, flashing the load before it makes it back into the deck In an instant his dreams of first place fade.” Just for the record I didn’t “flash” any load! The damn card was already loaded and it for some reason just didn’t come out of the card case with the rest of the cards. Oh and for the record … that was the instant my dream of first place faded.

I am also not so pleased with the quote accredited to me while trying desperately to cheer on Jon Armstrong in the preliminaries. For those of you who don’t know. Jon is an outstanding card man and was basically a “shoe in” for an award as long as he didn’t screw up or go over time. During the course of his act he had some small problems that he covered without anyone knowing … but in his attempt to reinvent the trick he began to creep into the overtime area! In fact the yellow warning light was on and he was still a long way from finished. All he needed to do was end the effect quickly and he was a winner. Instead he stuck to his professional attitude and did the effect correctly and went over time and was disqualified. Alex Stone, the author of the article, wrote: ” I watch the rest of the prelims on the monitor upstairs with Shawn Farquhar and LA card mechanic Jon Armstrong… He’s (Armstrong) midway through the trick when the yellow lamp flashes a one minute warning. It’s the first time this has happened. “C’mon Jon” Farquhar says “Don’t fuck up. You said you wouldn’t!” … Isn’t that nice to be quoted cursing! My Mom would be so proud of me. Just for the record … It’s an accurate quote. I wanted him to finish, to win a prize. A contest is only as good as the competitors and winning an award because others have been disqualified is a hollow victory.

All in all though he does say a few nice things about me and I basically enjoyed the article. If you want to read more it’s available on your magazine rack right now …

“There’s no such thing as bad press, as long as they spell your name right.” – PT Barnum


4 thoughts on “Everything is gonna be alright …

  1. glad to hear it was benign, but yes.. having anything like that is scary… I’m awaiting an op on my knee at the moment.. but worrying so i’ll be out of action soon for a bit.. nothing like what you must have gone through with worry… but glad to hear its ok…

  2. “Ditto” great news Shawn, best of luck with the comp! You can relax now and give it your best!!.
    hope you release your sealed deck(?) card trick afterwards!!


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