Where do great ideas come from?

I guess the first thing would be to confirm that I do get great ideas. I can honestly say I often get good ideas but the great ideas are far and few between. It’s not from lack of trying either. I recall Andre Kole, one of the most creative magicians alive, in an interview saying he forced himself to create new magic effects every day or not go to bed. Well I tried that and to be honest the “not go to bed part” was easy. I like the night. Don’t get me wrong, I like to sleep! Sleep in that is! I think when I was younger I came up with all my great ideas in the middle of the night from sleep depravation! These days the staying up late is normal but I have to be quiet as Hannah and Lori are sleeping. This cuts down on my productivity as I can’t saw, paint, drill or crank tunes to spark my creativity. I have all the time in the world … as long as it is in the daylight hours … not so good for my creative juices!

Yesterday, I drove to Everett, Washington to hang out with Steve Hamilton and Brian Cook. We had a great conversation about magic, characters and power tools! On the drive down I was a bit tired as I started the journey at 10 AM which is usually when I am waking up! This slightly tired feeling gave me the necessary spark and I created a whole series of effects using one particular sleight. I look forward to exploring the idea further and performing them for real people.

Back at the house I have begun dry walling the basement. I have learned something very important. I don’t like drywall! I don’t like installing it, puttying it and especially sanding it smooth. I have several rooms to do and believe I will be hiring a professional to finish the job. The shop is kind of oragnized but I still have along way to go …

Production on the new illusion is going well and I think it will be a crowd pleaser. I guess it really isn’t a new illusion as I have done several variations on it over the past two decades. This variation is really close to a version I did in Athens, Greece for a magic festival a few years back.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that festival in Athens. It had a stellar line up of performers, a great theatre staff, incredible audiences and gave me an opportunity to make some friends for life. Funny thing is that as I have thinking about these friends … they have been calling me out of the blue to say Hi! OK I called one of them but the others called me! How cool.

“Putting a hammer in my hand means putting together two things with roughly the same IQ” – me


One thought on “Where do great ideas come from?

  1. Hey there Shawn, It was great having you down again. Its always fun hanging out and chatting magic and other things that randomly pop up. Have fun with the home improvements….if you need help you know where I am. Talk to you soon. Brian

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