Three’s a charm …

Well, today I’m doing finishing work in the bathroom. A few years ago I did all the work in there but never finished off the cove moulding at the top. That pretty much describes the way I work around the house. I generally will do all the hard stuff and then get bored and stop just before the job is done. Today I am finishing off that job I started years ago!

I am also working on the front planter boxes as the wood to frame them was cut about four years ago and I just never got around to gluing them to the concrete blocks. Some of them warped due to weathering so I will replace a few, glue them in place and then the paint them to match. Doesn’t that sound so exciting?

This week I get to do a magic show in Canada. It will be my third one this year! Ok not really a show as much as a presentation in a hotel banquet room for a 150 bank folks. My stage is going to a whole eight foot by twelve foot, oh and two feet off the ground. Wow what a huge area! I suspect there will be lighting and I’ll have to move a podium before I start. OK, I can deal with all that … here’s the fun part. The show starts at 9:30 AM. Wait it gets better … since there is a speaker before me I have to setup even earlier … which means leaving the house at 5 AM!

At least I’m not bored like the guy in this video:

Well back to work on the house. Here one more video to make you laugh.

“It’s easier to find a travel companion than to get rid of one.” Art Buchwald


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