This house stuff is kinda fun …

So I spent another day in the basement cleaning. Spent the afternoon doing errands and the evening on a ladder and the roof. The final trim is on the windows and the roof is being inspected before I decide what to do. I have a choice of replacing the roof tiles or just replacing the missing and broken ones and covering the roof with a new product called Techniseal, which according to the propaganda “is an economical solution which spares the replacement of the roofing material. It stops the deterioration of shingles or membranes by fixing their granules. Good-looking, it can change the colour of the existing roofing in one coat.”.

So any of you heard of this?

I painted the front door in a marine enamel the color “drum beat”. Yes, drum beat is a color. It is the fourth one in the first row for anyone who really wants to click the link. I love that the door will match absolutely nothing else on the house. When I was a kid all doors were either wood or white. Of course I was a kid a looooong time ago!

The stone on the foundation is great and gives the house a real cottage kind of feel I think. It’s hard to believe it’s not really stone. (before the stone)

(after the stone)

Going on the roof was a bit of a challenge. For those of you who don’t know. I fell off the roof about 14 years ago, split open my face and was rushed to the hospital to have a heck of a lot of stitches sewn into my nose! I recall doing a show with black eyes and all these stitches in my nose. I cleverly cut one of those red sponge balls and lightly rubber cemented it to my nose to cover it and not scare the kiddies! Well I was doing OK until some little brat tried to grab the red nose and got my real one too! The blood flowed out the sides as he ripped the ball free of my face and then screamed something about Frankenstein and ran off crying … oh those were the days!

My tour for Scandinavia is going so well I will most likely be extending it a few days. Right now I have dates from September 20th until the 29th but will more than likely stay until October 2nd. It will be my first opportunity to get to spend some real time in the area. In the past I have always just cruised in an out and had short day trips. Sure hope it will be lots of fun.

I am also booking a lecture tour of the North Eastern USA. Apparently I am not as popular there but I hope to be able to book a few and stay a little bit and see some of that area too. I contacted two clubs that both said “no”. I have to be honest I have never, ever had a magic club turn down my lecture. I think I have one of the finest lectures to offer in the world of magic and I always get grand praise once I am finished. I have gone so far as to create a new website strictly to promote my lectures to magic clubs and events. Check it out at:

Well I have lots more to do and it is already 10:30 at night. Next I have to get in a few hours of work on the shows I am presenting for the IBM / SAM Competition in July. The list of names of the competitors is really impressive. Going to be lots of fun!


“If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” George W. Bush


2 thoughts on “This house stuff is kinda fun …

  1. My goodness – they have ZERO idea what they’re missing …

    Maybe its just as well they said no – your talents would be wasted on them … rather keep the good stuff for everyone else 😉

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