Long time … no see …

It has been sometime since I last wrote on this blog. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say. More of, how to say what I wanted to say.

So much has happened and even if I tried to put it all in sequential order, I would most likely not succeed.

First and foremost I lost another special person in my life. Earlier this year I wrote about Barbara, my Father-in-laws Wife. Barbara was a very special lady. I had the pleasure of knowing her for over 20 years and we had plenty of unusual conversations about subjects as diverse as alien abduction to christianity. She was a huge fan or Art Bell and took the time to introduce me to his unique radio program.

Barbara was another victim of Cancer. It seems that the spread of this terrible disease is never ending and I pray for a cure before we all lose more friends.

On a happier note I went to see a young magician do a full evening show in Washington to benefit Cancer research. Sterling Dietz, is a young man with a bright future. He did a remarkably great job of not only performing skilled magic, but more importantly found a way to connect with the audience. Most young performers are all about technique, skill and the art of fooling. It was refreshing to see a performer who spent as much time on his script too.

I went to two special events at Hannah’s school. The first was the final assembly of the year where the students bid farewell to Mrs. Finlay, the Principal. She will be leaving the school to once again become a teacher. She is such a bright light in this world with a genuine interest in everything and everyone around her. The best part of the assembly however was the presentation of awards to certain outstanding students. When Hannah was presented an award for social responsibility I cannot describe the pride I felt for my Daughter!

The second special event was a family reading night in the gymnasium of the school. There was even a theme involving camping so the entire room was filled with pop up tents and big ring in the center of the room for the guest reader to present. I’m not sure the idea of putting several hundred children into a room, giving them free “s’more” bars and then asking them to sit and read with their parents is the best idea. I love reading with Hannah, and in fact do it most evenings just before bed. The concept that a child can concentrate and read while another couple of hundred youth filled with chocolate are racing around a gym is just … well nuts!

The house is basically painted and we are just in need of trim for around the windows. I replace the house numbers and painted a lovely little lamp to light them above the front door. I also hired a guy to attach river rock around the foundation of the house. It really added a new dimension to the house and I love the new look.

Energized by all the stuff happening around the house, I jumped at the chance to wire a chandelier into the center of the living room. This lamp has a funny history. When I moved into this home 14 years ago there was a hanging macramé (yes macramé lamp!) that did not work. I fact I couldn’t even find a light switch. I spent several years trying to find the switch and finally gave up and put a nice metal fixture that was not connected but at least looked nice until it got dark in the living room! Well, I crawled into the poor excuse of an attic and wired a whole new switch to the lamp and fuse box. Sound easy? Well it took about nine hours to actually make the damn thing work. My hands now look like hamburger meat and hurt so bad.

You would think I would stop once my hands were hurting, but instead I did lots more. With the help of a friend, Brian Cook, we headed off to the lumber yard and brought enough stuff back to construct three walls in my shop. Once I had them up and cover with peg board I have begun the arduous task of organizing a basement that has been neglected for over a decade. Oh, I’ve been in the basement, built many props, painted, ground and drilled all sorts of stuff. I just never really cleaned up after any project. This means it is quite messy and unorganized. How unorganized? Well, every time I couldn’t find a tool I juts bought a new one. So far I have found three power drills, two jig saws, two grinders, three nail guns and more drill bits than anyone should ever own. Oh, but how many clamps do I have … well that’s easy … one less than I will always need!

I took a break from my chores of the house to attend a lecture by Dan Garrett. He’s a super clever magician from Atlanta, Georgia. I had seen his lecture in the past and he never disappoints. It was great fun to attend and even more fun to go hang out afterwards. The evening lasted until past midnight and I was surprised to see my best friend, David Wilson, popped up to wish wish me birthday wishes too!

My birthday has come and gone. We celebrated with friends in Washington and I am now the proud owner of the cleverest levitation illusion in the world. The plan for the day was an afternoon of wine and hot tubs but the weather was terrible. In fact the weather these past few weeks is just so odd. If anyone reading this is in doubt about the unusual climate changes affecting our planet (call it what you may .. global warming … whatever …) just look out your window and recall the last time June was this cold.

I’m off to the basement again to clean. I am have such a busy few weeks ahead as I polish up my acs for the IBM/SAM convention next month. They released the list of competitors and it will be a very challenging event. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, some super great magic and making a few new friends.

Until next time…

“Never be careless with money, driving habits, or other people’s feelings.”


One thought on “Long time … no see …

  1. Shawn,
    I really appreciated you taking the time to come to my show. It’s the connecting that brings me the most joy. I will continue to work hard as your own performance level has set a very high bar. Thanks for being my friend.

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