People from the past …

Ron Mandrake was the son of famed magician Leon Mandrake and although he died young I had the chance to call him friend for many years. He was one of those people that believed in me when I was living in the basement of a house in East Vancouver, with twenty people living upstairs. He always knew I was going to be a great magician, like his Dad. I don’t think I have achieved that kind of success yet, but every time I doubt myself I can hear him telling me how I can do it.

Ron never made it as a full time magician as he had many other responsibilities to tend to in his short lived life. First and foremost for him were his two sons. Sean and Jerome. I lost touch with these two before they became teens. Yesterday I was reunited with them through Facebook. Sean married the love of his life on Saturday and Jerome is working on a career as a singer. He has a great look and fantastic voice. He has his Fathers stage presence and looks quite at home with a microphone in his hand.

Although this video showed him in a venue where people wouldn’t stop talking, and the video is short you can see more of him on youtube.

It was great to connect, even if only by the internet, to these people from the past …


3 thoughts on “People from the past …

  1. Hi Shawn,

    I remember Ron talking about you many years ago and how he thought you would do well. I was just thinking about Ron as we were close Friends and we also worked together for many years. So I did a search and found your page here.

    I am a bit in shock to find out that Ron has pasted over. Shawn, would you be able to tell me what happened? I too remember Ron’s boys from back when they were living in the old family home in New West. I believe Ron’s oldest son was about 15 or 16 years old last time I saw him.

    Thank you Shawn

    Daryl Baratta
    Richmond, B.C.

    1. Hi Daryl,

      I am sorry to say Ron suffered a fall during work and landed on his head. He had several surgeries that left him very debilitated. He could recall the past but could not retain new memories or regain the motor skills to do the things he wanted to do. He was admitted to a group home for awhile but passed away peacefully in his sleep. His sons are both doing great. Jerome’s pursuit as a singer appears to be going well.

      I miss Ron often and think of the days we sat for hours over coffee’s talking of the day “we would make it big”.


  2. Thank you for the information Shawn. I am just thinking about all the great times that we had together, working and playing.

    We laughed a lot! He introduced me to his Mom and Dad at their home in Surrey many years ago. I met Lon one night when Ron was doing a Magic Show in the Lounge in New West on Queen’s. Can’t remember the exact name right now, Royal something, big one on the corner.

    Ron often told me stories about his brother in New York and the cool stuff people would put out on the street as ‘their’ garbage. Or how he used to ride the subway in New York.

    Ron had ‘principals’ he lived by and I admired his confection to saying ‘real’. No manager or agency was going to change him! I had always assumed we would get back together in our older years.

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