Standing room only …

Last night I did a show to raise funds for Hannah’s elementary school’s Parent Advisory Committee. We held it at the local high school which I was told had just over 321 seats to sell. Using just a flyer we were able to sell over 250 tickets to the event and thought it would be a pretty full room.

Well it certainly was full! You see, although the sign above the door says the room capacity is 321, there are just 217 seat. So there we were with more folks than seats! Lots of folks were super nice and put their small ones on their laps and others sat on the steps of the theatre.

The show was lots of fun and they were a super loud audience. I added a couple of pieces to the show I had never done for audiences and they went really well. In fact I plan to add them to the new show I have begun to design called “Secrets – can you keep one…”

Well I’m off to Victoria for the Mirth and Magic show tonight …
Everything packed!

“If you can read this thank a teacher. Because it’s in English, thank a veteran.”


2 thoughts on “Standing room only …

  1. Hey Shawn!

    I know what you’re talking about there!

    We did a Halloween show back in 2005.

    When booking the hall I was told it seated 120. So we sold 120 tickets. However, there were only 100 seats in the building!

    Mat Unwin, our SM and fellow performer, happened to know of a nearby Church and raced over to it and borrowed 20 chairs for the night… crazy stuff!

  2. Hi. Shawn.

    My family and I went to your show. I was glad I read the VMC newsletter – you do NOT disappoint. My boys ask me all the way home how you do some effects and if could I do them. I know I need to keep practicing! I really enjoy the “the shape of my heart”. You really know how to mix magic and music. You rope routine is quite amazing too.

    You give such energy to the audience they can’t help but feel good. I hope your magic theatre in Whistler takes off. I have been thinking about whether something like that would work in Vancouver, its great to hear that someone with your skill is willing to try it. with the Olympics coming to Whistler that should get a real buzz going.

    Look forward to seeing you at the Circle!

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