Been a fun week …

Well I have been quite active this week and creative too. I returned home from Taiwan with a brain full of ideas for card tricks. You see at magic lectures I usually travel with lots of whatever effect I am teaching. Lately these tricks have been larger heavier effects that take up lots of room in my luggage. While sitting at the airport I said to myself I should come up with more card tricks as they pack small! Great reasoning huh!

I have always loved an effect called Bicycle Built for Five by Ton Onosaka of Japan, but dislike the preparation and set up as I can’t keep it straight in my head. Max Maven did a great job with the instructions I just can’t retain the order and handling for some reason. Basically you show five jokers from a deck of Bicycle playing cards, backs and fronts. One joker, the leader, is set aside, face down. As you count trough the cards, one by one, the remaining jokers magically turn face down! Show the faces of the cards. Nothing left but the abandoned bicycles! Where are the missing jokers? Turn over the leader card. There are all five jokers, joined together and look like this:

Here is a video of Ivan Mallia performing the original version:

I liked the idea but wanted to make it super simple and not have all the set up over so many moves so I created this:

I also used the same gimmick cards to create an additional ending to my very popular MatriXpress routine. It really didn’t need anything extra, but I have to admit I love the idea … if I say so myself!

Tonight I have a sold out show to raise funds for the PAC of Hannah’s school. The show is in fact over sold by 24 seats as the administrators of the facility told us there were more seats than there really are … magic! Should be lots of fun as David Wilson, Trevor Watters and Lorena Paradon have all agreed to come help again. Last time we did a show together at the River Rock Casino it was a blast!

Saturday we will be off to Victoria to close the Magic and Mirth show for the Victoria Magic Circle. It will be lots of fun as I get to present a special award to Teresa Midbo as the assistant of the year for SAM #95. This is a super cool award named after my dear friend Lottie Hemeon. Lori and Hannah have both been presented this award in the past.

Sunday I will return home from the Island and for the next week or two it’s all about getting in gear for the IBM/SAM competition … oh and fixing and painting the house, filming the video, yada yada yada …


3 thoughts on “Been a fun week …

  1. Love the jumping jokers!
    Brilliant, looks like a much better handling, gets to the point quicker, and nicer cards… i like!
    Not only are u an amazing performer, but brilliant invenotr 2!
    How do you fancy training a young magician!!!!

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