17 Hours is a long time …

Yesterday I spent 17 hours in Murphy 14 on a trip to see Janet Vance in Corvallis, Oregon. I crawled out of bed at 6 AM which means I had a bout four hours of sleep and that going to bed early thing is really something I just can’t grasp.

I made great time to the border, the line was short and the Customs/Immigration guy was nice. This could actually be a fun trip. I basically only stopped twice on the way down south. Both were to get gas and stuff to munch and drink. I arrived at the home of my friends Dwight and Janet and was thrilled to see Janet just coming out of the garage as I drove up. I had heard she was not doing well and movement was an issue. Well someone forgot to tell her. Yes she needs a walker but that didn’t stop her and I from running around the house and downtown Corvallis that day.
Dwight Vance
It was really nice to also just sit and talk about Dwight. I was really crushed when he passed away. You see I had planned to make this trip back in January but postponed it to do the tour of Spain and the appearance in Blackpool. Upon coming home I rang them up to see if the coming weekend would be good for them and was told Dwight was past the stage of seeing guests. Somethings you will always regret. On the bright side I have an awesome memory of the last time Dwight and I hung out and it certainly the way I want to remember him.

Well I collected the PCAM stuff Dwight and Janet had so carefully guarded all these years, along with an awesome picture of Dwight, and was back on the road home. Yup I spent seven and half hours driving to spend a few precious moments.

On the drive home I jumped off the I-5 to treat myself to a Western Bacon cheese burger from Carl’s Jr. It was my lucky days as it was 2 for $4! For those of you who are only getting to know me … Carl’s Jr does not exist in Canada. In fact they have only three in the whole state of Washington ( Spokane, Tri-City’s and Vancouver, WA.). I love their burgers and commercials. No really I could easily never eat another Big Mac, Wendy’s, Burger King or Mama Burger … but Carl’s Jr is special. Folks who live in California look at me like I have three heads when I mention my infatuation. The difference is they can go anytime they want! A trip to LA without a Carl’s Jr is very rare for me. In fact I recall once when working for Paramount Pictures. They had sent a limo to pick me up and take me where ever for the weekend. I had one schedule date with them on Sunday, but until then the car and driver were mine and as an added bonus the driver gave me an envelope full of cash to spend! Sweet. I immediately told him to go through the nearest Carl’s Jr drive through. I will never forget the look on the guy face … he said, excuse me Sir … I looked in the envelope … you can do WAY BETTER! By then end of the weekend that driver and I had consumed enough Carl’s and Dr. Pepper to last me a few years!

Back to the drive. Now I was loaded up with a couple of burgers and a the largest soda I have ever seen and I was once again on the I-5 headed North. It’s a long trip and I was tried. Not the perfect situation and so I did the one thing I know that keeps me alert and wake … I called some friends. It was a really fun night of chatting and sharing. I spoke to some friends I hadn’t called in over a year and some who have just recently had very cool experiences. The time just slipped away and before I knew it I was back in Canada. I left the house at 6:30 AM and drove in the driveway at half past twelve. That’s around 18 hours but not all of it was spent in a car. Some of it was spent with dear friends …

Tomorrow I don’t think I’m driving anywhere …


One thought on “17 Hours is a long time …

  1. Ha, Carls Junior is my favorite place also. We always eat there when we are in Vegas of Cali. Oh and just so you know ther is one in Lacey and Tacoma Washington. We stop on our way down I-5 all the time. Next time you are traveling through Wa Give me a call and stop by for Dr Pepper.

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