Happy Birthday to my Dad … goodbye to an old friend ..

Today would have marked my Father’s 74th birthday and in a few days it would have been his 51st Anniversary. It’s a date I will always remember and celebrate in my own little way. I have another date not to forget now as one of my dearest mentors passed away yesterday after a long and hard fight.

Tony Eng is a hard person to describe. He is one of the few people I have ever met in my life who had no enemies. No one even disliked him a tiny bit! He was the father of two of daughters, a loving husband, committed business man and respected an admired magician.

I spent several years growing up in his home town of Victoria, BC and the most common thing I heard when telling people I was a magician was not “how do you do that” or “can you make my spouse disappear”. No what I heard was ” do you know Tony Eng?”. I heard it as many as a dozen times a day on the city bus. Once the bus driver saw me with a deck of cards and didn’t even ask if I was a magician, he just said “have you seen Tony Eng with a deck of cards?”. That bus driver, Carl Hemeon, was later to be my mentor too.

I find it hard to express how I feel as it is so soon. I suspect I will have more to say in the days to come.

On a happier note my good friend Claus has come out of his surgery and is now in his own private room at the hospital. He will be there for a few weeks as the removal of ones esophagus is quite an ordeal. Claus is a great guy and has the strength of a dozen men. I pray for his speedy recovery.

Jim Thielemann has posted a few more scenes from the Fins and Skins shoot. We are just working out when I will have time to return to finishing shooting the rest of the episode. I found out Jim won’t be able to be one of the camera guys so I have to start getting better at my golfing!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Dad … goodbye to an old friend ..

  1. Tony was one of those guy’s that could brightened your day with only his smile.
    I remember hanging out in the lobby of a hotel that was hosting a magic convention and had normal people there as well. Tony, while doing a card trick, had just taken the watch off an unsuspecting plumbing sales rep. without a word or signal, Tony hands the watch off to Shawn, who puts it in the card box laying on the table, all under the nose of the rep. after the revelation of the missing watch, Tony points to the box on the table. The guy refuses to believe it’s in there. Tony insists he pick it up and open it. There was a huge roar when his watch slid out. I think I was the only one that caught that sly wink Tony gave Shawn. I was sure then, this guy wasn’t the first or last recipient, of Shawn and Tony’s amazing teamwork.
    I will miss you Tony.

  2. I did not had the pleasure of being part of Tony’s life, but his life impacted many in the Northwest, and to their kindness I have benefited. It is heartwarming to hear and realize the impact that one human being can have on so many others. Tony’s kindness and willingness to give of himself is something that you have passed on to me and many others. I thank you and the many other friends of magic for being so kind and supportive to me.

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