NY to Vegas in just 18 hours!

It’s not always easy to travel. For me it seems to just get harder and harder. I had gone to bed the final evening of FFFF at half past four in the morning and was awoken by the alarm from my iPhone at 8 AM. I had a quick shower and headed to the lobby at 8:30 AM to meet the shuttle to the airport. It was a fun ride with friends and upon arrival at the airport I got a funny feeling it was going to be one of those days I won’t soon forget!

I approached the DELTA Airlines counter which seemed quite barren and was promptly told my flight had been canceled. No explanation for the cancelation but I was told I could get on the 6:45 PM flight. It was not yet noon and they expected me to kill the entire day in the airport. I explained how important it was for me to get to Vegas and they actually switched me to US Airways on a flight leaving at 2:30 PM … sweet!

Well I checked by only bag and headed off to the security where I was flagged as SSSS which means I get the full meal deal when it comes to be “checked”. I seem to get this a lot. Maybe it’s the hair? After my free rectal exam I went on search of food and found Ali Bongo and a few fellow 4fer’s hanging out and shared a table and devoured a Caesar Salad. I headed off to my gate a little ahead of schedule and I got a funny feeling it was going to be one of those days I won’t soon forget!

A super great guy named Lou asked me If I was planning to take the flight to Vegas. I replied yes and he said, it wasn’t looking good. There was a mechanical delay in Philadelphia and the plane would probably not make it here to make it’s connection in time. I explained how I had to get to Vegas as I HAD PLANS! He told me there was nothing he could do and I replied by doing a magic trick and saying nothing was impossible! Turns out Lou is a bit of a magician himself and we shared a couple of magic effects and I ended up in the first class lounge hanging out with Eric the bartender instead of a hard seat at the gate! When the plane did arrive there was still a small chance I could land in Philly and make my connection. The flight attendant, Annette, was also super cool and seated me in row 1 seat C, which is the closest seat to getting the hell off the plane! When the door opened I bolted for the connection but as I got close to the gate I could see no other people around and I got a funny feeling it was going to be one of those days I won’t soon forget!

The plane had left on time. I want to point out it is most likely the only plane to leave that day from any airport in the US that met it’s schedule. The airports were all at level Orange and almost every plane was delayed. I suspect it is some tactic employed by the Federal Aviation Administration to disrupt terrorists plans.

I was given a new ticket on the 6:15 PM flight and I sat back to listen to some music and practice some of the techniques I had acquired while at the FFFF. I had about an hour and forty minutes to kill so I took a little walk and as I headed back to the gate I got a funny feeling it was going to be one of those days I won’t soon forget!

That’s right this flight was delayed due to mechanical issues and we would be leaving around 8 or 9 PM … but hey that’s just a tentative time …

Around 8 PM we were informed of a gate change and headed to the other end of the airport. There I sat and made friends with a couple of folks from the UK. Maurizio, was an Italian guy living in the UK who was originally from Italy. He has a restaurant in Southport and apparently I have an open invitation to dine there some day. I am so looking forward to seeing his face when I walk through his door! Another reason to head back to the UK.

US Airways finally announced the arrival of our plane and were loaded up and ready to go at 9:30 PM. As we taxied out towards the runway I got a funny feeling it was going to be one of those days I won’t soon forget!

The pilot came on with a message from the flight deck. Seems we might be spending a bit of time on the ground before we were expected to actually take off. Ok it wasn’t that bad. We sat for about 30 minutes and we were finally in the air. I would like to give you a review of the flight, meal and attendants service but .. I slept the entire trip. Woke to find we had landed in Vegas and I was on my way to fun. After collecting my bag I headed to catch a taxi and on the way to the stand I got a funny feeling it was going to be one of those days I won’t soon forget!

I have traveled countless time to Vegas and have never seen a cue for the taxi’s so long that it took nearly a full hour to get a damn ride to the hotel!

I finally checked into the Orleans Hotel at 2:30 AM … which means from hotel to hotel my trip took a total of 18 hours! Oh I know I am being dramatic … there is that 3 hour time change so I was only traveling for 15 hours … geez what a whinner!

[ trivia from the brain of Shawn: most folks would think that DELTA Airlines got it’s name from the fourth letter in the Greek Alphabet, or perhaps the term DEscription Language for TAxonomy which is a flexible method for encoding taxonomic descriptions for computer processing. You may have even thought of the DELTA Force of the US Military as it is so elite! Well you are all WRONG! DELTA stands for Doesn’t Ever Leave The Airport! ]


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