I have just been a part of an experiment in sleep deprivation, disguised as a magic convention! Obie O’brien and the board of the FFFF have obviously signed a secret contract with the US military to test the results of high mental and creative stimulation and lack of sleep. To aid this experiment they offer free beer, soda and Tim Horton doughnuts to see the effects of sugar!

OK, maybe it’s not an experiment, but it should be as I see friends who are in the Eighties strolling the halls at 5 AM with deck in hand looking to show, share and learn.

For those of you who are not aware. FFFF is Fechter’s Finger Flicking Frolic. It is the original close up magic convention and is an invitation only event with the best of the best in sleight of hand. Almost everyone who attends is expected to perform. This is my third visit to the event. I was invited first after winning the IBM sleight of hand award in 2001. It was quite exciting as I was also awarded the People’s Choice “Obie Award” which was quite an honor! I will never forget my first visit to the FFFF. I was asked to present on the final evening show and opened the second half of the evening and did my FISM act. I followed Rocco Silano who is a legend at FFFF and the man who made Roger Mayfarth’s D’lite so popular.

It was a lot of fun that first time. The next time I was able to make the journey was in 2005 and I brought with me my Shape of my Heart routine. I followed Rocco! So this year I brought some new ideas including my Torn and Almost Restored Photo and was asked to be on the final evening show again. This was a wickedly cool show as it had Paul Gertner, Daryl Martinez, Stephen Bargatze, Rick Merrill and Rocco Silano … oh yeah … I followed Rocco again! I would like to say there were another dozen acts on the bill and everyone of them was outstanding. I never dreamed I would be able to see that much great magic in one place … and to be on the show was a bonus!

Every year they honor an outstanding magician. This year it was my friend, Boris Wild. Boris is an amazing magicians and such a great person that it was easy to poke a little fun. I did a small mentalism effect and introduced the FFFF 2000 (Farquhar’s Fabulous Film Festival) which had only one official entrant in the category of short films with magic as the subject. I would try to explain the effect but it would probably not make much sense … besides the number one rule of FFFF is we never talk about what happens at FFFF … or was the fight club?

Next stop … Las Vegas …

[ trivia from the brain of Shawn: Rocco is a famous magician but most people don’t know he is also the inventor of a small design for milk cartons to make them collapse easier. He holds a US Patent on this idea which has made him a few dollars since 1987!]


3 thoughts on “FFFF

  1. Dear Shawn,

    Loved your work at FFFF last month. I wanted to chat, properly with you, but too much happening! Next time????

    Paul Gordon (I lectured and sang! Did you see either/both?)

  2. Hi Paul,

    Glad you liked my work at FFFF. 4F certainly has the biggest and best line up in magic … every year! I enjoyed your lecture and performance. You have a wickedly good voice and were the highlight of that show! Bummer we didn’t get to chat more. I did get to say hey to you once in the hallway though!



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