Greg Frewin Theatre

Well the day began quite early for me. Greg, my friend, tapped on the bedroom door at about 8 AM which in Pacific Standard time is 5 AM. For those of you who know me well … that’s usually when I’m going to bed! I got to see Alana, Greg’s wife and of course Ben and Megan their two adorable kids. I had not seen them in about five years and they have grown considerably. I can recall carrying Ben on my shoulder down the streets of Juneau. I suspect it would be quite a task to even get him onto my shoulders now!

After the kids were off to school I helped Greg and John load the cats into the truck for the drive to the theatre. OK, I really didn’t help a lot. But sometimes staying out of the way is really helping. They are some really impressive animals and to see them up close was fun.

When we arrived at the theatre I was surprise at the size of the building. I had only seen a pictures from the website and a couple of others that Greg had emailed when the construction had begun. It is huge, professional and I believe the line in Greg’s show that summed it all up was when he said to the audience …” I gonna give you twice the show you expected.” Truth is he lied. He gave me more than twice the show. I expected great as I expect nothing less from him, but this was spectacular. He had an audience of almost 300 enthusiastic people at 1 PM on a exceptionally sunny day sitting in a darken theater instead of at the Niagara Falls ( the reason they came to the area!) cheering at the top to their lungs! It was super fun …

To end the day we dropped by a Tim Horton’s and headed off the FFFF….
Here Kitty Kitty!


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