Flying …

Why is it whenever you think it’s going to be something, it’s almost always less than you had hoped for in the beginning? Have you ever wanted something so bad and when you finally got it, it wasn’t “all that”? How about, have you ever got on an airplane and thought to yourself, “this is going to be fine”.

OK, I know I complain a lot about flying. But you have to understand I spend a lot of time flying and I just haven’t gotten the hang of it being “FUN”. If you ask me, flying puts the FU in fun!

Check in was fun. The gentleman behind the counter was quite funny and shared a few jokes with me. Just as we were finishing up, guess who was checking in next to me today? Well no other than Gene Simmons of KISS fame. I did a little “something or other” for a film he did in Vancouver called Runaway, so I just walked up and said howdy. He pretended to remember me and I was on my way.

So, the plane is forty-five minutes delayed (that’s airline talk for late) and there is no announcement or apology. Think of it this way, if you were forty-five minutes late (delayed) arriving for your flight … do you think they will wait? OK. So it’s delayed no problem, I have internet and I am addicted to the World Wide Web. When the plane does arrive and I get to board I make it to my seat with no issue and I am ecstatic to see this is not one of those flights where everyone has a giant carry on bag that eclipses the one I checked in at the start.

I got into my seat by the window and hoped it would not be a full flight. Sometimes I get the person next to me who uses all the arm rest and pokes me in the ribs, other times the person is far too big for a single seat, or maybe they can’t help but pass gas because of age, once in awhile I get a person in front who puts their stuff under the seat instead of in front, or that person who somehow manages to get their feet under their seat so they keep kicking yours. This time I had it all! Oh and to top it off I had a guy behind that when I lowered back my seat actually reached up to the top of my chair and forcefully shoved my seat upright and then in a loud voice said “there’s not enough leg room back here for me, for you to be reclining!” The flight attendant came over and gave me a dirty look and asked if everyone would just compromise a bit since it was a short filght. Well I curled up tight to window and in a completely upright position …tried to sleep. Hey it’s was only four and half hours …

Chicago is a fun airport. Heck it even has a dinosaur! I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to my next gate. Surprise the gate was changed and the flight was delayed (that’s airline talk for late). While waiting in the terminal I practiced some new card stuff and attracted a crowd of folks who were fun. On the plane I was surprised to be greeted by the same flight crew …oh joy! I was given the middle seat in the back non-reclining row and this time just closed my eyes and waited for New York!

The good news I found my luggage in seconds and was greeted by an old friend, Greg Frewin who was taking me back to Niagara Falls for the evening and in the morning I’ll be visiting his theatre. Tomorrow will be an awesome day ..after all … I won’t be on a plane!


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