Magic …

Saturday was fun filled. Aside from the four and half hour journey to Washington! OK even the car ride was fun as we were following friends in another truck to our good friends Brian Cook and Becky’s place. The early evening was spent just hanging out and talking magic. It was a very productive time as Brian showed me a wickedly cool effect originally conceived by Robert Stevens with handling changes by himself. He also suggested using my matrixpress gimmick to simplify the routine and with some suggestions from Trevor Watters I had a full routine worked out! I will be using it for the next while to make sure it’s as good as it seems! I’ll be sharing the idea FREE to everyone who own a matrix gimmick in the very near future.

I have this new idea to have a secure area on my website to add ideas, tips and new routines for effects I have already sold. The idea is that after I have created and sold some of my effects I have found or been given additional ideas for the same gimmick. I have always wanted to share these ideas but didn’t know how to contact people from past sales. So, soon people will be able to go to my site and see video’s, upload .pdf files and leave comments and their own additions to many of my effects. How soon? Well for the past week I have been super busy building a new website. I have even built a new blog so it will be fully integrated into the site. The blog is also from WordPress so my next big task is to find out how to transfer / redirect this one into the other. Wish me luck!

Back to Saturday! We all headed off to Bothell, Washington. Nope, I’ve never heard of it either! We found the Northshore Performing Arts Theatre, nestled in this sweet little semi rural area and headed in to watch Spencer’s Theatre of Illusions!

It’s been many years since I last saw Kevin and Cindy Spencer. They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. There show was fantastic. It is not just the magic! It’s the lights, the backdrops and professionalism of their very competent tech crew. They presented a few well known illusions and as a special treat we got to see Jim Steinmeyer’s latest creation, Walking through a Wall! It is a very clever idea but Kevin’s monologue to set the tone was super awesome. All the way home I kept repeating ” In the Autumn of 1914 …”. I guess you had to be there?

Keith Barber, their production manager, is a super great guy and arranged for my family and some friends to head back to the green room to hang out and share stories. (I also found out that Keith host a podcast with Andrew Payne, which is called go magic go.) Hanging out and sharing stories was lots of fun but the evening did not end there as we ran into Sterling Dietz and family and headed off to have a bite to eat. On the way to the restaurant it turns out Sterling got a few new trucks added to his “fleet” of touring vehicles! It was one of those moments you have to capture with a picture! The food was great and the company fun and it was great way to end an evening of magic …


One thought on “Magic …

  1. Hey Shawn,
    We had a awesome time at dinner with you and your family. I appreciate your help and input with my new illusion. You should have seen your faces when you guys came out of the theatre and saw my signs all over your cars. lol I got three calls this wek for shows off your car advertising. Thanks again, be safe and see ya soon.

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