Well it seems like Hannah’s video is getting some pretty cool attention. Ok, not a viral video seen by millions, but she has over 800 viewers which is super exciting to her. It was my first work with my new Sony HVR Z1U and I then manipulated the footage a bit to make it black and white and darken up the image.

Hannah and I plan to make a whole bunch of video in a series called Wicked Tricks. The next video is an idea of Hannah’s and should be pretty cool. I’ll keep you posted when it is finished.

Over the weekend I had another chance to use my camera. I fact I used my Sony HDR A1U, Cannon GL-1 and the HVR Z1U to film good friends Trevor Watters, Lorena Paradon and Steve Hamilton. They rented a local high school theatre and with a little help from a student, Ian, we redressed the stage and made it look like a classy little theatre.

About fifty of Trevor and Lorena’s friends came out to act as the audience and we shot scenes from their show. We got in at 6 PM and were set to shoot by 8 PM. The taping lasted until 11:30 PM and we still had lots to film but the time had run out as we had to vacate the building before midnight. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to load out then to load in?

Once we were out of the building we headed to Trevor’s folks place to set up again to film Brian Cook’s new instructional DVD on ReWarped. This was lots of fun too. Dave Watter’s has this perfect magic room and we used it as our backdrop. It comes complete with the hidden room behind the bookcase!

Now comes the fun part of editing it all to make it look like it was all shot in sequence….


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