This is awesome …

I would like to thank my friend Glen LaBarre for emailing me the link to this incredible video on youtube. As the Father of a seven year old, I sometimes fear what kind of world I have brought her into and what the future holds for her. I know Hannah is a strong person and will overcome any roadblocks put in her path because of the teachings and lifestyles I and my extended family have provided. What I don’t know is what of this beautiful planet will be left for her if things continue the way they are today.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a radical environmentalist, crazed conservationist, whale loving, tree hugging hippie or any of the other standard labels given to those that believe deeply in the environment. I’m just a Father looking at the past and comparing it to the projected future and I’m scared.

I have seen all the pro’s and con’s, listened to all the speakers and read lots of articles and all I know for sure is that things are changing. Weather for one thing! Just tell me this past year has not had some super odd weather! In fact these past few years have seen major changes in weather patterns. I’m not going to be the one to point a finger or offer a solution because I’m just a guy who does card tricks. What I can do however is make other people accept that things are changing and maybe one or two of them will be able to affect some change, or influence someone else who can help … all I know is this video gave me shivers …


One thought on “This is awesome …

  1. Thanks Shawn.

    Your thoughts and reflections were very moving and I know that you have added a positive “butterfy effect,” that will make a difference in more than just Hannah’s life. I even viewed the Video differently after reading your review.

    “The meek may inherit the Earth, but the strong will conquor the Universe.” by glen alan

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