Family and friends … all you really need …

I was away from home this weekend having a blast at Hank Lee’s and thinking how great it is to be able to do the things I do. How fortunate I am to be loved by so many and to have such great friends.

At the same time, back at home, my friend Mario was experiencing something so much grander, it’s hard to express. You see Mario is a super great guy with an outstanding family. He is a soft spoken, fun loving father of four and he devotes so much of his life to making sure his sons have the best.

His life has not been without challenges. Supporting a family of six is a challenge in itself, but he and his Wife Kristie have also basically adopted two young girls who’s Mother was less than capable of caring for their needs. They also have a son, Nickolas, who faces challenges that would destroy those of us with less strength. Nicholas is in a wheelchair and recently had surgery to correct an 86 degree curve in his spine. Many thought he could not survive the fifteen hours of surgery he would have to endure … but he did … and life is much better for our little hero.

After all these challenges Mario has found out he has Cancer. Not being the guy to sit down and act defeated he and his incredible family did something positive. They had a “walk, run or crawl for Mario” and by the looks of the photo’s I missed a very special event.

When it comes to conquering challenges all you really need is family and friends …


2 thoughts on “Family and friends … all you really need …

  1. Hi Shawn,
    Beautiful write up. We missed you guys that day. Mario is truly a special guy
    and we are grateful to have him.
    Take Care

  2. WOW Shawn……thank you so much for your support! We are so lucky to have great friends…..We could not get through all of our challenges with out the wonderful friends and family that we have! Your family is so special to us! We missed having you there. This is just the beginning of a long journey but there is nothing we can’t get through!

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