Hank Lee’s Conclave

It’s been a great day here at the Conclave. It truly is a small and friendly convention. The people are great and the hotel is super nice. We are like a hundred feet from the beach. It’s really cold but still worth a walk on the beach.
Cape Cod beach at Sea Crest Resort

I had a stage show this evening at the luxurious Mashpee High School auditorium. It was actually a great little theatre that was perfect for my style of show. I could see everyone in the audience and they responded well to me and my families magic. Hannah got a huge “ahhhhhh” when she appeared and Shape of my Heart went over very well. I was especially happy to have found a great volunteer for the hand/sweater routine. He was a young man named Zachary who was ten years old and stole the audiences heart. Rafael Benatar was the Master of Ceremonies and was brilliant. He introduced me using my name and credits and was even there at the end of the act to take me off too!

The show featured some incredible magic and great friends. Opening the show was Stoil and Ekaterina doing a quick change act, Sonny Fontana and the act he performed for FISM, Mikael Szanyiel with his FISM act too and the yours truly followed by Peter Samelson and his theatrical magic.

The entire show was a great success and it is all due to the hard work of the crew of the theatre. David Oliver and his crew worked super hard to not only make the show but to make sure the acts felt secure knowing they were in good hands. I would especially like to thank Arthur, the house tech, for working so hard to make the projector and my camera work together.

After the show we headed off to have some lobster, after all I am in Cape Cod! We found a little restaurant that was open after midnight called the Silver Lounge and I had a HUGE lobster salad. Yes a salad … pretty healthy choice huh? Hannah loved the place as it had a whole section made from an old Canadian Pacific Rail car.

After getting back to the Sea Crest hotel I found a small gathering of magicians and made some new friends. I called it an evening around 5 AM as I had to get up early for the close up show and lecture.


3 thoughts on “Hank Lee’s Conclave

  1. Surely there must be a mistake — you were introduced by your name ? And the MC was even there at the end of the act … surely not. He didn’t even hit on your wife ?

    What type of magic convention is this …

    Somebody needs to let Blackpool know.

  2. If only there was a section in the Guinness Book of World Records as the funniest night in the world…Definitely not forgetting those horror stories anytime soon either LOL.

  3. SHAWN!

    For me, you were the highlight of Saturday’s show! It was so nice to finaly see you perform live! And now you’re on my own personal Top Ten for magic. And it was great to once again see your family as well!

    All the best to you and I hope we’ll get a chance to hang again in the near future! Take care!

    Chipper : )

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