Travel day … again

Well I find myself again in an airport. What a surprise! This time the whole family is joining me on a trip to Hank Lee’s 20th annual Conclave. This is a smaller size event but has a reputation of being fun. I will be doing a stage show, close up show and lecture. This is my favorite way to do a convention. I have done others where they only wanted me to do close up or just stage and to be honest I don’t want to ever “just do” anything. I want to give it my all.

My first flight is from Vancouver to Chicago and then it’s on to Boston where we will rent a car and drive to Cape Cod. I have never been to Cape Cod or in fact Boston so I’ve brought “Gypsy” along so I don’t get lost.

So the next time you are on a plane and want to have some fun with the person in the seat next to you … try one of these ideas.

a) Bring along a box of crayon and a coloring book and once in the air just take it out and get to work coloring. First it’s fun to color and second the guy in the suit next to you with the PC will have a story to share at work for the next few weeks.

b) Grab the in flight magazine and seek out the crossword puzzle page. Every in flight magazine has one. Then as quick as you can just fill in all the spaces with any words and when finished just giggle and put it away while shaking your head like it was way too easy. The person next to you will be amazed at your intelligence! The really fun part will be the next person to sit in your seat will discover the crossword puzzle and wonder what kind of dyslexic savant tried to solve the puzzle!

Well it’s time to board the plane …


One thought on “Travel day … again

  1. Hi Shawn

    Here is another trick for a plane journey. Get one of those plastic cups you always get on flights and put it under your arm and pretend to fall asleep. When you “wake up” roll your head and squeeze the cup so it makes a cracking noise. The people near you will squirm ha-ha.

    All the best

    Tom Procter

    P.S I sent you an email regarding the trick “blown away” in your bread and butter lecture notes. Please email back to confirm you received it.

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