Time to take down the Christmas lights …

I’m sitting here with a chilled glass of vodka and cranberry juice feeling a sense of accomplishment. You see many of you see me as guy always on the move with a multitude of projects on the go, always multitasking and never sleeping. For the most part this is accurate. However many of those projects I start never reach completion. It’s the cost of doing too many things at the same time. True the majority of the task do get done but often I leave behind ones that really deserved to be finished and some that demand to be completed.

A perfect example of a task that should have been completed months ago would be taking the Christmas lights off the front of the house. Heck, it’s just the night before April … there is still plenty of time. In fact, there is if you use the “Farquhar Calendar” which last year recorded the Christmas light removal on July 12th! Why July 12th you may ask? Well July 13th was a Friday and I suffer from Triskaidekaphobia. Although the definition is an “abnormal fear”, for me it’s not abnormal. It’s a a real fear, having lost my first apartment to a flood on September 13, 1985, my second apartment to a fire on May 13, 1988 and my current home having a car drive into the living room on June 13, 1997. For those of you who want to check, they are all Fridays. So don’t expect to see me doing anything particularly dangerous on a Friday the 13th. In fact it is quite rare to find me leaving the house … which apparently isn’t that safe anyways! This year there will be a Friday the 13th in June and I am scheduled to be completing the shooting of the ESPN, TSN and FOX Sports show Fins and Skins in the Dominican Republic. Yeah me in a boat in the open ocean on a Friday the 13th … that should make real good TV! Anyways I digress.

I have so many tasks I wish I had completed. As an example I have almost completed the construction of a really super deceptive “dove carousel” which I started building when I used doves in my show. For those of you not up on my history … I stopped using doves in January 1999! It’s a work of art and was so close to completion I began to slow down out of fear of ruining it in the final stages. I know that sounds odd but even as I write it … it makes sense to me!

I once thought of forming a Canadian Association of Procrastinators but never got past the logo stage. Ok I never really completed the logo but if I did I am sure I would have gotten around to getting a website and membership program, etc…

So why, you ask do I feel this sense of accomplishment? Well I have not only taken the Christmas lights down, but in the process felt compelled to paint the front door frame (needed since I put in the door in 1998 after the car hit the house), washed Murphy 14 (first car wash I have done manually in my adult life) and produced enough lecture material for my trip to Cape Cod for Hank Lee’s 20th Annual Conclave. If you read this blog and will be at Hank’s Conclave come up to me and say “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” and I’ll give you a free prize!

On top of all that I successfully contracted an appearance at two magic conventions for September in the United States and did the initial steps to book a tour of Denmark, Sweden and Norway for the remainder of September.

So how was your day?


2 thoughts on “Time to take down the Christmas lights …

  1. I’ll be attending both FFFF in New York and the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. The kind folks at WMS asked if I would appear on the opening night show but I had to decline … I will also be at a festival of Magic in Taiwan in May. See you in Vegas …

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